3 Things Every Chimney Owner Should Be Aware Of

A brick chimney is a welcome bonus to any home or structure. Brick never really goes out of style, can be used for cozy fires, and can be longer-lasting than other kinds of masonry. Despite all of these positive benefits, there are some things that the homeowner of a brick chimney needs to be aware of. Things that can save you money, time, and lots of heartbreak later on down the road. But what exactly are these important things to keep in mind? Great question! Let’s look at 3 things every brick chimney owner should be aware of.

What To Burn And Not Burn

Let’s discuss an important one right off the bat. Just because something burns away to nothing, doesn’t mean that you should burn it — there are things that you should burn and things that you should not burn. Burning improper materials can actually cause damage to the inside of your chimney by leaving smoke and residue. This accumulation can lead to chimney fires, entrapped smoke, and other chimney-related problems. But what should you not burn? Any form of plastic, cardboard, newspaper, cereal boxes, and other similar items in that category. You should be burning fireplace-approved wood, firestarter logs, and other approved materials.

Regular Inspections

Another thing chimney-owners should know is how important chimney inspections can be. As mentioned above, chimneys can accumulate debris and blockage over years of usage, even more so if improver materials are burned. A licensed chimney inspector should be called at least once a year to make sure your chimney is clean and healthy. If the chimney is used constantly on a regular basis, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for additional chimney sweep and inspections throughout the year. Here are some of the most common types of storm damage to property.

Signs Your Chimney Needs A Repair

And lastly, a chimney owner should know the telltale signs of chimney repair. Fixing a problem while it’s smaller is much better than leaving it to grow into a larger, more expensive one. What are some signs that your chimney needs repair? Improper flow of air and smoke, funky smells, crumbling mortar, and large deposits of residue are just a few examples. Luckily, if you spot any signs of impending trouble or damage, calling home repair professionals like the ones at Brickworks Property Restoration is only a phone call away.


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