4 Light-Up Party Decorations that’ll add variety to the Fun [with Party Theme Suggestions!]

Night time parties are always the best. People are relaxed, we get to see the stars, and it’s nice and cool outside. The only drawback generally comes about because of the lack of lighting. Who wants to turn in early when there’s so much fun to be had?

Here are some suggestions for light-up party decorations that’ll keep the party going and add some variety to the mix.

Oh, and also a few ideas, too …

1. Black lights and Glow sticks

Black lights create a neat effect when it comes in contact florescent and bright colors. This happens for glowsticks, too. You can purchase blacklight bulbs from most retail outlets or if you’re willing to set aside a budget you could snag some of the bigger tube versions. Glowsticks are also readily available online and aren’t too expensive even in large quantities. Your best bet is to grab a selection from each of these so you can easily place the lights in great locations and have options with the glowsticks such as wearing them as necklaces, bracelets, and embedding them into items like foam hats.

Party suggestion: Put on your own mini blacklight party complete with some electronic music. This would be a great way to bring in the spring months when it’s nice and cool, and you can see the stars.

2. Paper Lanterns

A go-to choice for decorating is paper lanterns. These come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. They will give a cool, mellow vibe to the party and are especially nice if you have a few trees scattered around the yard–you can even string the lanterns between them. Alternatively, you could purchase lanterns for each guest and let them roam around the party, which would be a great twist on the typical festive party themes.

Party suggestion: Pick up a few of these lantern sets to setup around the backyard and also grab some for the guests (maybe even add their names). You could create an Asian themed party complete with fireworks and festivities, which would be quite the blast!

3. Night Sporting Event

LEDs have been an excellent advancement when it comes to party decorations and there’s no better example of its coolness than the light up night sporting items. You can find a variety of these items whether it’s a basketball, football, frisbee, and more. Playing these games late night may prove to be a bit challenging but they’re perfect around dusk time.

Party suggestion: Set up a contest for party goers to complete a set of challenges using the light up sporting items, such as making a goal with the soccer ball or getting a football through a hoop. This could go well for something like a secret Santa or combined birthday party.

4. Sound Activated Rope Lights

Here’s a really neat addition to the mix: rope lights that are sound reactive. This means they will light up whenever the music gets louder. The other ones you can find can be plugged into a controller much like you’d see with Christmas decorations – you get to control how it reacts. This kind of decoration would be perfect for when you’re playing a lot of music or holding a karaoke contest. You also have the option of purchasing EL wire which is quite similar – these offer a ton of DIY projects.

Party suggestion: What about creating a rope light obstacle course or some kind of giant tic-tac-toe board by laying out the ropes across the ground? This would be a neat way to get people moving around, exploring the area, and it would go great if you combined some of the other items on the list.


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