5 Big Considerations when Moving to a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are all the rage right now due to their low cost and minimalist-friendly lifestyle potential. While you might be keen to downsize from your average suburban home full of clutter there are a few big considerations to make before calling movers houston to help you moving to a tiny home.



Image by Tammy Strobel


Is less really more?

If you truly believe less is more than you probably won’t have much trouble moving into a tiny home, however if you’re going from a large or even moderately sized house you will need to get rid of everything but the essentials. While your furniture, your knick-knacks and clutter probably aren’t making you happier, you still need to consider whether removing it all from your life actually will. In a few years time when the fad of the tiny home has moved on will you want to move on too? Or is a tiny home your ideal living space? Ask yourself these important questions before embracing the minimalist trend and getting rid of almost all of your possessions.

Do you want to move?

While you have to ask yourself if you want to move into a tiny house, you’ll also need to consider whether you want your tiny home to move with you. Tiny homes, this log cabin at premiumloghouse.ie for example, is the perfect way to travel and lead a more nomadic existence while holding onto a sense of normalcy and routine within your everyday living space. If part of the reason for the move is to get on the move then you’ll need to consider what type of tiny home is going to be best for you, whether you should invest in a motor home or simply buy a tiny home on wheels that can be trailed behind a large vehicle.

Where will you move to?

Part of the allure of a tiny home is not having to put down permanent roots somewhere but there are limitations to tiny homes too, whether they’re on wheels or not. If you have or are willing to purchase your own block of land to situate your tiny home on then you’re all set however if not you will need to consider where your tiny home is going to be. If you’re a tiny home nomad you will need to find places throughout your journey that will allow you to park your tiny home and live. You will find many restrictions around this no matter where you live. Do your homework and make sure where you want to travel is tiny home friendly.

If you’re ready to purchase your own tiny home, reduce your clutter and lead a more minimalist lifestyle there are some very important questions to ask yourself before you go out and purchase your own tiny home.


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