5 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your BBQ Grill Repair

Your BBQ grill is one of the most used items in summer. It does make the evenings awesome with some grilling in the backyard as you enjoy time with your family. You won’t regret investing in patio roof systems that will surely upgrade the look of your exterior while providing adequate UV protection. If you keep it in good shape, you can enjoy these evenings for many years to come, all with the same machine. All you need to know is how to keep it clean and carry out routine repairs. Experienced grillers understand that proper bbq grill repair is essential to the long life of the grill. You really don’t need an expensive BBQ grill for it to stay long. It is all in the maintenance.

Gas Grill Maintenance

Among the ways of keeping your propane grill in great shape is knowing how to maintain it and keep it safe for use. To do so, you need to routinely check for propane leaks. You only need to turn on the propane valve then run soapy water on the gas line with its connections while checking for bubbles. If this is compromised, you will need a new tank which you can get from a propane tank delivery or a propane gas delivery service. Also, keep your grill covered when you are not using it at that moment. It helps keep out the elements. Regular cleaning is another aspect that cannot be overlooked as far as your BBQ grill goes. And that is the focus here. For proper cleaning, you will need a grill brush, soapy water in a bucket, an empty tray, and sponge. To clean the BBQ grill properly, follow these steps;

Cleaning the Grates

While most people clean the grates after each grilling, it is never done thoroughly. For this kind of cleaning, you need to add in some energy when brushing the grill. You will also need to use the metal scrapper for the stubborn kinds of grit. Remove the grate from the grill and clean the lower side as well.

Cleaning the Burner Protector

The purpose of the burner protector is to protect the burners and other parts from dirt and food that may clog them and render them functionless. They thus soak up a lot of grime as you grill your meats and other foods. To clean them, you will need to pull them out of the grill and give them a proper scrubbing. You may need to clean them afterwards with the sponge and soapy water. You will know if they are clean. Do not expect them to be shiny as some of them are manufactured to be in a darker color from the onset.

Cleaning the Burners

Now that you are through with the burner protectors, you will have the burners themselves to clean. If they are removable, take them out and scrub them followed by a sponge and soapy water. Given that these are the outlets for the propane gas, make sure the holes are clear and the burner is shiny. Avoid damaging them since you can cause gas leaks. If the burners don’t come out, simply wipe them clean with a wet piece of sponge.

Cleaning the Bottom

There is a lot of grime that collects at the bottom of the grill. The plates at the bottom are easily removable for most grills. As such, you will need to simply pull them out, scrub the grime off and then sponge them with soapy water. Of all the parts of a grill, the bottom plates take up the most dirt and will need proper cleaning. If it is a while since you last cleaned them, you will need a lot of scrubbing and sponging to clean the grease and dirt off.

Cleaning the Rest of the Grill

Below the plates will be a removable tray that will need emptying and cleaning in general. That leaves you with the grill taken apart. You can then clean the rest of the grill as desired. Areas with toughened grease will need the brush and metal scrapper followed by the soapy water on a sponge. Most other parts can be easily cleaned with the wet sponge especially the outside parts that do not take much abuse. Before putting the grill back again, check for any gas leaks, damage and worn out parts. If any part is damaged, make sure to fix or replace it as needed. Grill parts are easy to find online and in local shops, just make sure to read online reviews on www.jaysbeef.com before buying the parts that you need. Put the grill back together and prepare for your next grilling session. Every now and again, follow the steps above to keep your grill in great shape. When storing the grill after each grilling, make sure it is away from water such as from rain. Most of its parts are made of materials that can easily rust when not protected well. You don’t want rust getting into your food each time you grill.

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