5 Ways to Improve the Lighting in Your Bedroom


If there’s one room that most of us enjoy spending time in, it’s our bedrooms. Aside from the fact that it’s the place where we sleep and spend intimate times with our loved one, it’s also the place where we tend to do a lot of reading and television-watching too. Plus, it’s usually the place where we see the sun’s rays shining as we wake up each morning. So, if there’s one room that needs sufficient lighting, it would be your bedroom. Whether you’re renovating your home or building new homes, london skylights add a sleek and luxurious statement to any room.

If you’d like some tips on ways that you can improve the lighting in your bedroom, we have five helpful ones for you below:

LightingPaint your walls a color that reflects light. If the walls in your bedroom are a darker hue, that means that they are absorbing light rather than reflecting it. Something that you can do to change this is to paint your walls another color. Aside from white, you can paint your walls a shade of yellow or you can even go with a pastel hue. However, it’s important to keep in mind that different paint finishes will affect how different colors appear. A gloss finish adds depth and reflects color but can also change the color’s perception while flat finishes bounces light a lot less.

Change your window treatments. If you have heavy drapes on your windows, that’s definitely going to prevent your bedroom from getting all of the light that it needs. So, consider changing your window treatments by putting up lace curtains, sheer Roman shades or light-colored blinds.

Use the right kind of light bulbs. Although you can depend on natural light in the day, when you need to turn on your light switch or lamps, different light bulbs can produce different effects. Take a look at svítídla catalog to find everything from light bulbs to modern chandeliers.

Incandescent light bulbs give off a warm glow, fluorescent lights will make your bedroom look cooler (especially if your room is painted blue or green) and if you like natural light, go with halogen lights or a led high bay light; they replicate natural lighting best. Choosing the right and best led lighting for your bedroom can add relaxation feel to you.

Put some sconces by your bed. Speaking of light bulbs, if you were to ask an interior lighting company like Interior Deluxe about what you can do to bring more light into your bedroom, one thing that they might recommend is that you add some sconces to both sides of your bed. Not only are they a trendy kind of light fixture but they give great light without taking up a lot of space. Plus, there are many design to choose from that will fit your personal decor needs. Light therapy is used as a treatment for several conditions. Light therapy used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis is different from the type of light therapy used for the conditions listed above. Light therapy for skin disorders uses a lamp that emits ultraviolet (UV) light. This type of light should be filtered out in light therapy boxes used for SAD and other conditions because it can damage your eyes and skin. Visit circadianoptics.com to find the perfect lamp for you needs.

Add a skylight (or a tubular daylighting device). If you want to add a “green” feature to your bedroom, you can have a skylight built with fiber optics. It’s a great way to improve the lighting in your bedroom, reduce your energy costs and as a bonus, it’s a wonderful way to look at the stars while you’re in bed at night. And if your skylight gets damaged then check out skylight repairs dublin for professional help. If you would prefer to not do something quite so extreme, consider having some tubular daylighting devices put into your ceiling. For more information on them, visit SolaTube.com.


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