5 Winter Home Heating Cost Reduction Tips

Winter is a beautiful time of the year. Yet when it’s cold outside and you’re in the middle of snow, rain and bitter winds, we can totally understand why all that you can probably think about is getting home to your warm house. That is until you walk out to your mailbox to look at your energy bills and suddenly realize that you can’t wait for spring.

Home Heating Cost Reduction TipsIf you’re someone who loves winter but dreads how much it costs to heat your home during that time, we have five winter home heating cost reduction tips that will make this year far less expensive than in times past so make sure you are ready to contact your heating service for assistance.

Leave your thermostat set at 73 degrees. Although you might automatically assume that the colder it is outside, the higher you should set your thermostat to be, according to many energy experts, you can actually leave it set to around 73 degrees and still feel warm and comfy. You can also try out hvac installation from JC’s Heating and Air to maintain the temperature at home. So make sure to set your programmable thermostat to that when your home and around 70 degrees when you’re away. That should keep your energy bills at a manageable amount.

Keep your curtains and blinds open. When it’s below freezing, some people are hesitant about opening up their blinds or curtains for fear that it will only make the rooms in their house colder. But actually, the sun’s rays from natural light will provide a significant amount of warmth. Plus, being that the sun is solar energy, you won’t have to pay for it. Just make sure that you have some thermal curtains for your living room and bedroom. They are great for keeping heat from escaping through your windows after sunset.

Use your ceiling fans. Lots of us tend to turn on our ceiling fans during the summer season but did you know that they can also help to keep you warmer during the wintertime too? In fact, if you set them to rotate counterclockwise, they will pull the heat that has risen to the ceiling down closer to where you are, causing the rooms that you are in to feel 3-5 degrees warmer.

Invest in a tankless water heater. During the winter season, it’s not only your electricity bills that increase; your water bills tend to as well. That’s because you usually use a lot more hot water during that. If you’d like to save money on your water bills, something that you can do is invest in a tankless water heater. Those are specifically designed so that they only come on when you need hot water. In addition, remember to have an annual inspection to check if you need water heater repair service and to make sure that your water heater is perfectly working. You can always hire professional water heater contractors for water heater repair and maintenance.

Get your HVAC unit professionally serviced. A lot of us do not think to call a professional heating contractor about our HVAC unit unless it is not working. But by then, it could result in needing expensive repairs, a replacement or trying to get a consultation on the difference between a home comfort system and AC —all of which are pretty costly consequences. Something that you can do to prevent this from happening (while also keeping your HVAC unit working well throughout the year) is to schedule a technician like this Texas heating and cooling company to come and check it out twice a year. If you do, that should keep your heating costs down until the spring season arrives.


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