7 Ways to Create a Modern Farm Style Kitchen

Casual and cozy. Clean and sophisticated. Perfect for entertaining a crowd or cooking a weekday meal with the fresh produce right from your very own farm. 

If this sounds like one of the kitchens of your dreams, then the modern farmhouse style kitchen is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Modern farm style is part rustic and part minimalist with a touch of chic — and just how rustic, minimalist, or chic is up to you. To get started with your kitchen remodeling, explore the elements of the style and find what suits your vision of the perfect modern farmhouse kitchen. If you need ideas on what to include in your renovation, consider checking out https://www.granitetransformations.com/location/granite-transformations-of-redding/

Set the stage with cabinets
Wood cabinets make the ideal modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets — they provide a modern, neutral backdrop for other elements of the style. If you want to go bolder and more rustic, vintage custom kitchen cabinets also make beautiful farm kitchen cabinets, so if you can find a reclaimed option, you’ll take the look to a new level, try looking at trim carpentry too.

[photo: cabinet details from https://thekitchencompany.com/content/modern-farmhouse-kitchen-new-canaan-ct]

Get all the details on the transformation of this space into a modern farmhouse style kitchen.

Select the right colors
Modern farmhouse kitchen colors include neutral creams and beiges, muted teal and brick shades, slate and butter yellow tones. Choose a palette that fits both the modern farmhouse style and the existing colors of your home, looking for a masonry contractor can be a good idea.


Make an impact with lighting
Once you’ve chosen farmhouse colors and cabinets, turn your focus to lighting. The farmhouse-friendly choice is copper — it’s simple, but makes a big impact. In addition to copper light fixtures, you might also consider copper faucets and hardware to complete your modern farmhouse kitchen design.

Turn your oven hood into a centerpiece
For a bold statement, opt for a beaten copper hood. If you want a more subtle look, a wooden oven hood also fits the modern farmhouse style. Both choices are unique without being outrageous, creating a vibe that’s both upscale and down-to-earth.


Say yes to white appliances
For years it seemed that no one wanted white appliances, but now they’re back and perfectly at home in the modern farm kitchen. White stoves, ovens, fridges and dishwashers work well with modern farmhouse kitchen colors and materials, so don’t fear the impulse to step away from the stainless choices you have loved for the past decade. Hussmann case parts in white are also an excellent choice for achieving a modern farm kitchen.


Fall for reclaimed or sustainable flooring
If there’s one “must have” in a farm style kitchen, it’s wood flooring. For a more modern look, opt for a sustainable material such as bamboo or cork. Oak also works well — it’s available in wide planks and random widths with lots of knots, giving it a similar appearance to old pine farmhouse floors. But unlike pine, which tends to be soft, oak is a hard wood that’s more practical for everyday use. 


[photo: Gail kitchen]

Create clean lines with backsplashes, countertops and sinks
The modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash shouldn’t take away from the rest of the kitchen’s clean lines. If you do use tiles, make sure they reflect the clean lines and muted color palette of the rest of the kitchen. Avoid bright pops of color or complicated patterns that disrupt the minimalist aesthetic. For countertops, think understated marble, quartz or even granite countertops. Select a farmhouse sink to complete the clean, farm-inspired style.


[photo: Emily kitchen]

Check out the full details of this kitchen’s transformation from dark and outdated to modern farm kitchen.

Add reclaimed wood
Consider using reclaimed wood as an euro fireplace mantel, island countertop or shelving. Vintage wood adds a touch of authenticity and warmth to the overall look.


[photo: Smith kitchen]


Fire up the look
A fireplace is the ultimate finishing touch on a modern farmhouse style kitchen. A cozy hearth rounds out the look and sets the scene for any gathering — stack rustic logs in them during the summer or light a blaze during the depths of winter.

Remember, the modern farm style kitchen incorporates rustic, minimalist and chic elements, and you create your version of the ultimate modern farm kitchen by exploring how far you want to take each of those elements.

At The Kitchen Company, our designers work alongside you to bring your vision to life. Ready to create the kitchen of your dreams? We’re here to help.


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