Beautiful Windows on a Shoe String

Getting a window installation is a vital addition to our home, but just leaving them untreated isn’t right either. It doesn’t look good, nor does it give you any privacy, light control, insulation, or sound proofing. The minute you get a Rolling Shutters Installation, curtains, netting, or any other window treatments NYC has to offer, the entire look and feel of a room is changed. However, these treatments often aren’t cheap, and if you’re (re)decorating a room, your budget will probably go on the more important things like wallpaper, flooring, lights, and furniture. Luckily, you can get beautiful anderson windows on a shoe string. If your windows look very outdated consider having window replacement before you add window treatments. For those looking for a luxurious style of windows for their home, look into single hung window replacements for a great option. 

How to Set a Budget

You are unlikely to get window treatments for free, so you do have to set a budget. Only you know what you can and cannot afford. However, you have to set your budget before you start to look around, or you are likely to end up paying far more than what you intended. Setting a budget can be hard if you know nothing about planning a window replacement project, you can however, ask for a few quotations for different options and from different companies, just to give you a rough idea.

The Types of Treatments

  • Shutters are probably the most expensive of all options, but shutters are the most incredibly beautiful. Some companies offer affordable shutters, so make sure you ask.
  • Blinds come in a range of different options and version and tend to be really affordable. You can make this as expensive as you want, with real wood blinds being the most expensive and faux wood PVC blinds the cheapest or go to sites like Newblinds and find affordable ones. That said, blinds have some limitations so do make sure you buy the ones that are not just affordable, but functional as well.
  • Readymade curtains are also very affordable options, at least more so than made to measure ones. If the size doesn’t conform exactly, always opt for a larger model and use something like Hem Magic to shorten them to size.
  • Made to measure curtains are another viable option, although they are costlier than the readymade ones. That said, they are generally also more beautiful and you will know for a fact that they will fit perfectly. If you’re trying to decorate your room on a shoe string and you insist on having made to measure, the cheapest option is probably to buy fabric and to ask a seamstress to make them for you. Do bear in mind that the lifespan of curtains is relatively short due to environmental pollutants, however.

Payment Options

If you truly insist on having certain window treatments and they exceed your budget, you could always look into the possibilities of entering into a payment agreement. Some residential window replacement companies offer this as standard, others will consider it if you ask. Remember that the worst someone can say is no, so it never hurts to actually pose the question. If you consider that spending a bit more will create a better overall look, and that it will last longer as well, so you won’t have to spend more again as quickly, then a payment arrangement may just be the best solution for you.

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