Biggest Trends in Green Construction

2016 has been an unprecedented year for green innovations in practically every way, from energy to construction materials. This is not surprising, since over half (55%) of all homeowners now say they are willing to pay more to work with a company that is dedicated to sustainable building and that use metal recycling. In this infographic, you will find details about the biggest trends in green construction so far in 2016.


The list includes everything from building materials to smart energy regulation utilities like online apps that allow you to set your thermostat’s temperature range while controlling your home’s maximum power draw. These automated energy systems work well when paired with solar power or geothermal heat, allowing homeowners to further reduce their dependence on the power grid. When these high-technology innovations are paired with basic sustainable building practices like roof gardens and the use of recycled insulation materials, the result is a home whose construction and operation both have a lower ecological footprint for a greater living area. And for those newly finished constructions, it is always important to hire metal recycling services afterwards so all the leftover materials are disposed of properly. 

Green Building Trends in 2016 Infographic

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