Blackout Blinds for Your Most Peaceful Night’s Sleep Ever

If you’re the type of person who struggles to sleep when it’s bright outside, or works night shifts and needs to sleep during the day, you might be at your wits’ end trying to get some rest. The good news is that you can invest in stylish, contemporary blackout blinds to ensure total darkness in your bedroom. This is the best way to ensure you can sleep at any time of day with some great automatic blinds. If you want a more personalized style, then consider getting yourself some custom blinds

Blackout Blinds or Curtains?
Whilst traditional blackout curtains were heavy and featured thick lining, today’s blackout blinds are modern and sleek. They can be used on any windows around your home and you’ll even find blackout blinds that are perfect for attic conversions. You might be surprised to find that blackout blinds come in a range of styles and patterns. Many are white or pastel-colored and feature pretty designs, but they’re made with a special fabric which totally blocks out unwanted light, if you really want to get the best blinds out there, then consider getting motorized window shades.

A Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Blackout blinds are a great choice for nurseries or children’s bedrooms, as it can often be easier to encourage babies to nap if the room is totally dark. It’s easy to find a fun range of children’s blackout blinds to choose from online, or you could opt for basic neutral roller blinds with blackout lining. Blackout blinds like the soundproof window treatments also provide temperature regulation and some noise reduction, making them the ideal choice for any parents looking to get a few hours of peace whilst the kids are napping.

Graveyard Shift

If you work the night shift, you’ll know just how hard it is to try to regulate your body clock. We’re naturally programmed to sleep when it’s dark, and trying to force yourself to drift off during daylight hours could upset your Circadian rhythm. Luckily, blackout blinds are here to save the day. Installing a Dunelm blackout blind in your bedroom is a great way to keep your room cool and dark at all times, whilst providing some protection against outside noise — ideal if you’re trying to sleep during a busy Monday morning when everyone else is getting up for work.

There’s no denying that total darkness is the key to a great night’s sleep. According to Oprah, we should turn off the TV and any other bright lights and invest in blackout blinds to reduce light from outside sources, such as streetlights, from interfering with sleep patterns. Investing in blackout curtains or blinds is a great way to ensure you get a better night’s sleep, particularly during the summer months when it is hot and the days are longer and brighter. You’ll be surprised not only by the huge range of styles of blackout blinds on offer online, but also by their affordability. On average they cost about the same as a regular roller or paper blind. When you consider that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to ensure that you get as good a night’s sleep as possible.


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