Common Signs Your AC Won’t Make It Through the Summer

When it’s burning up outside and we’re on our way home, the one thing that a lot of us are excited about is walking inside of our house and feeling the cool air that is awaiting us; thanks to our HVAC unit. And so, the last thing that we want to experience is it breaking down. Especially if it means that we’ll have to spend thousands of dollars in order to get it replaced.

Common Signs Your AC Won't Make It Through the SummerIf this is something that you’ve worried about potentially happening to you, this is just the article that you’ve been looking for. That’s because it is our belief that if you know some of the common signs that your HVAC unit is on the fritz, you can call a technician from an air conditioner repair service like the ones at Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services – heating and air conditioning service to have a residential ac repair or to provide you with an estimate of how much longer your current unit will last so that you can budget to get a new one.

So if you’re curious to know what some of the common signs that your AC may not make it through summer are, we’ve enclosed five of them below:

You bought it over 10 years ago. If you look on the outside part of your HVAC unit, you will see the date that you initially purchased it. If that date is over 10 years ago, then you should be prepared to purchase another one within the next several months. That’s because it’s pretty much only a matter of time before you will start having some serious issues with it.

You have a significantly higher electric bill. Although it’s pretty common for an electricity bill to increase during the summer season, if you notice that it is a lot higher than the year before, we recommend that you ask your neighbors to share with you how much they are playing for their electricity. If it’s noticeably lower than yours, your unit may be working harder than it should which results in your spending more on your energy costs. This is also a sign that your unit could be going on out you.

You notice that it’s making some odd sounds. According to an HVAC service like UT SOS, one of the signs that you need an ac repair is if your unit is making a lot of sounds. As a matter of fact, it’s actually not supposed to make any noises at all. For instance, a telling sound that your fan is going out is if you hear a bit of a clanking sound. Therefore, if you hear anything abnormal coming from your unit, call a commercial hvac installation technician as soon as possible. Something is definitely not right and calling an air conditioning repair service like the ones at is an important decision you should make.

You see that it’s leaking water. Something else that an HVAC unit is not supposed to do is leak water. So if you happen to notice some puddles around your unit, have an air conditioning repair services. If you don’t do so, that could lead to some really costly problems, including the possibility of having to replace the unit altogether.

You are not getting cooler. Even if you’ve purchased an HVAC unit with an Energy Star label, one that is sure to have some energy conservation and energy efficiency differences , when you turn on your unit, it still should be able to cool the rooms of your house. If you’re noticing that you’re not getting cooler even when the air is blowing on high, it could be a result of your compressor going out on you, which is pretty serious that’s why compressor servicing and maintenance is essential. Your unit is supposed to work at any temperature setting. If yours is not, that’s another sign that yours just might not make it through the summer. Make sure to have it looked at just as soon as possible.


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