Creating the Cosiest Campervan on Site

The main aim when designing your campervan décor is to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing feel throughout. Travelling can often be a scary time for some people, with lots of new experiences, foreign places and unknown ways of living, so you want to make sure your camper is a place you can retire to and feel at home. The way you decorate your camper will have a huge impact on this, as the colours, materials and details used throughout your campervan will really make a difference. Keep reading for some top tips on how to ensure your campervan is the cosiest, homeliest camper on site. To get your own take a look at this new travel trailer for sale to enjoy this upcoming vacation with the hole family.

Warm Colour Scheme

Using colours to create an atmosphere is a very challenging task, but once done right, it can be the main feature in making a room feel the way you want it to. For campers with a warm and welcoming feel, you want to create a warm colour scheme, using warm toned colours. The actual colours you choose are all down to personal preference and what you like best, but there are always warmer tones of that colour that you can use. The most popular colours for camper interiors are orange, green, blue and cream. These may seem like a strange mix of colours, but with the warm tones introduced they can really help to draw a room together and set that gentle, welcoming tone. Avoid using bright, bold colours such as fuchsia, red and yellow, as these colours are all very busy and will prevent the camper from feeling relaxing and homely.

Soft, Comfortable Features

There’s nothing cosy about a metal bench with a metal table, so think carefully about the features you add to your camper when buying them. Wooden features and designs with fabric are the best for a cosy camper, with your seats covered in a soft, cosy fabric and the wooden benches complemented by some stylish cushions to either sit on or lean against. There are so many fun ways in which you can add comfort to your camper, even by adding items such as throws, pillows and additional cushions to make certain areas a little softer.

Fresh Scents and Inviting Aromas

The moment you walk into a room you are greeted with a scent, which instantly sets the tone of the room. Walking into a room that smells fresh will make you want to continue and see what the room has to offer. When you enter a room that smells damp or musty, there is never really much desire to continue on into the room and see what lies beneath! Keeping a fresh, delicate scent throughout your campervan will ensure it smells warm and welcoming all of the time. There are a few different ways in which you can do this, from the obvious air fresheners and sprays, wholesale scented wax melts uk, to adding fresh, blooming flowers or even spraying some room spray every now and then. You’ll also find that keeping everything clean and fresh will ensure the room smells the same, whereas dirty, dusty fabrics can often cause a room to smell slightly off. The scent of a room is an instant trigger to making you feel welcome, so it’s important to ensure you keep it fresh at all times!

Cosy Comforts

If you’re someone who loves their bed and can’t stand to be away from it for too long, why not add your own duvet and pillows to the camper. At the end of a long day, there will be nothing more welcoming than a big, squishy bed waiting for you! It will also ensure you get the good night’s sleep you need in order to head out on a new adventure the next day. The way you lay out your VW T5 interior will really help you to create that warm space that feels just like home, so remember to include snuggly comforts from home to enhance that cosy feeling!

Homely Final Touches

You often don’t realise what makes your home so warm and welcoming until you leave it for a little while, then when you return you’ll realise just how much you missed something or how excited you were to smell that homely smell! Incorporating some home comforts into your camper will help to make sure your campervan is cosy and welcoming, so much so that your neighbours on the site will be jealous! From family photographs, favourite books and your own duvet or bedding, to the food in the cupboards and personal art pieces positioned on the wall, you can really bring a piece of your home into your camper and make sure it feels as snuggly as it possibly can be!

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