Dream On: How to Choose the Perfect Bed

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it makes sense to invest in the best bed similar to this quality hospital bed for homes here that we can afford.

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And while the mattress may be key in terms of comfort, the aesthetics of the room as a whole are equally important in order to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary where you are able to wind down to a great night’s sleep.


Sleigh Style

If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom, a sleigh bed will really make a statement. The elegant curved shape of this design practically screams comfort and yet the simplicity of the lines will not detract from the room as a whole.

Practical platform

A platform style bed will fit in with any bedroom design, and are space saving in that they are only slightly larger than the required mattress. If you want to fit additional bedroom furniture such as a wardrobe or dressing table into a relatively modest space, this could be a good compromise. If space is at a premium, there are a whole host of cleverly designed storage beds on the market to help solve the problem. From models with integrated drawers underneath, to those where the whole mattress section lifts to reveal a storage compartment within, there is a design for every space, no matter how problematic.

Romantic canopy
A canopy bed will sit well in a large, airy room with high enough ceilings to accommodate the structure without looking cramped. The canopy provides an element of seclusion within a larger space and the material can be customized to complement the style of the room. A carved oak or dark wood bedframe is perfect for a period feel, or if you are channeling a contemporary look, opt for straight clean lines in pale or painted wood.

Best for Guests

In a guest room you may decide to go for a multi-purpose day bed. Perfect as a space to read and relax, day beds are also a comfortable, space-saving sleep solution, perfect for the occasional visitor. Alternatively, if space is tight, consider a single bed with a roll-away bed stored underneath.

Kid’s Delight

If you have children, your thoughts may well turn to bunk beds. A hit with kids of all ages, bunk beds are great space savers, and more importantly, are simply good fun. If you are trying to free up floor space in a child’s room, you could also consider a high sleeper, which is a raised bed with space for a wardrobe, desk and so on underneath, or space in which to play.

There is a vast array of beds available on the market today, which can seem overwhelming. However, putting aside some time to consider this guide for beds should help narrow down your choice.

Once you have decided on the design of bed that will best complement your style, it is time to add a perfect mattress. This will depend on several factors. Some useful information can be found at Which.co.uk which will help clarify what will be the best mattress to suit your individual requirements.

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