Excellent Suggestions To Make Your Windows Safer For Your Children

UntitledIf you have children in your home, you may have notice that in warm weather such as during summer, they will climb on the windows sills and furniture to have a better view of the beautiful world outside. Normally, window screens will not be able to support the weight of the child, and he or she may fall and hurt him or herself. Broken glass windows are obviously security and safety hazards so it is never a good idea to delay the repair. Contact window glass repair to get that repair out of the way before anyone gets hurt. In situation like this, you may need a Storm Window Repair service to help you on this.

You should also keep in mind that storms tend to batter our windows and roofs, resulting in general wear and tear over time. Luckily, BA Roofing handles storm damage consequences for your roof if your home has been in the path of a hail storm. This is especially important if you live in an area that sees frequent storms, high winds and heavy rain. Finding the best roofing company like Top Notch Roofing services can be more complex than a simple Google search. You should always check out a company’s past work. This work and its reviews will give you a good impression of whether they’re worth working with.

You can also take a few excellent measures to ensure your windows are always safe for your children.  Some of these measures include:

Window guards

These are perhaps the most effective safety precaution you can take to keep your windows safe for your children. Basically, window guards are barriers that prevent entry or exit of your windows while allowing you to open your windows. These are best suited for the traditional double-hung windows. Window guards are highly recommended for any windows above the ground. They can fit a wide range of windows sizes from 14 inches to 58 inches. If you have sliding or crank-style windows, you need to order windows guards specific for these windows. However, designate one window in the house for fire escape and other emergencies.

Window locks latches and doors

Today, window locks and latches come in numerous different designs. There primary purpose is to lock the windows securely, and allow them to be opened up to a certain point. When picking your latches and locks, pay attention to security as well as safety. If you are childproofing your windows, the maximum child-safe distance your window latches should allow the windows to open is 4 inches.Try to use locks that children cannot open or break easily, and of course is also important to have the right locks in the doors so they are secure, also is important to have the garage doors in the right conditions, of course for this services as Garage doors repair Nashville can help too.

Childproofing window blinds

A simple solution to childproof your window blind is simply to cut the cords so that your children cannot reach them. If cutting the cords is too much to bear, you can use a cord cleat or cord wrap, which you will attach into the window frame using shoulder screws and wrap the excess cord around it so that it is out of your children’s reach. You can also use Interior Window Shades as an alternative to window blinds. It is important not to forget to designate one window for emergency exist. You can even install a special window guard on this window that an adult can remove easily in case need be.

Dos and DON’Ts of window safety products

  • Do not rely on your window screen to protect your child from falls from windows since they cannot bear the weight of a child pushing against them.
  • Do not place large pieces of furniture near windows since they offer easy access to the window for your young children.
  • Do not automatically assume window safety products will keep your child safe, and hence leave him or her unattended.
  • Do examine your windows carefully ensuring your children cannot be able to climb on the furniture and access the windows.
  • Do install high quality window guards in your windows especially if you plan to be opening your windows during the summer.

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