Finding Your “Forever Home” is About Looking at the Future as Much as the Present

It makes sense, right? Forever is not just today, it’s also tomorrow, the day after that, and the day after that until eternity. And though we don’t expect to live without an end in our “forever home,” the idea is that we spend the remainder of our lives in it, happy with what we have, that’s why everybody is on the look out to buy single family homes.


However, most home buyers on the market look at their “forever home” criteria through the perspective of what they need right now. They consider their current workplaces, the age and interests of their kids, their good health, and more. It’s not hard to do, as these are the things to do when looking for luxury single family homes.


However, if you are indeed looking for the last home you will ever buy, try thinking outside of the box. Consider what will happen with certain spaces once your kids grown up, how you will be getting to your job, daily activities, and what it would be like here when you retire. That’s the true mindset you should be taking when investing in a forever home. Tennessee State Home Buyers is a very good company to work with.


When you think for longer than just a few years, you should be considering what “forever” means in the following categories:




Yes, size matters. But make sure that the size fits your lifestyle and will continue to be comfortable through all your stages of life. Though a one-bedroom condo might be great for a newly-wedded couple, if they want to have a family, they are going to run out of room quickly. Alternatively, some people shop with the mindset that their kids are going to live in their home forever. Remember that later it will be you cleaning all those empty rooms and paying property taxes on a home that is too big for you. If you need help handling your taxes then call property tax services for assistance. However if you have run into hard financial times with the federal government, the best ally you can have on your side is an experienced tax attorney that can guide you through the mess.




Find a balance between everything you are looking for in a neighbourhood, from school districts, walkability to points of interest, proximity to work, and more. Many condos like the ones in North Gaia EC are located close to vibrant downtown areas, which is appealing for many reasons. Remember that certain needs will change over time, like the importance of public schools in the area, to where you are commuting to. Which will be some important location factors that will never change, and which are ones that only have significance for some time? You might think that being able to access downtown is not of any importance now, but wait until your teenager gets into college there or you will be visiting your specialist doctors regularly.


Good Bones


Your vision of your dream home will continue to evolve even after you buy what currently satisfies your needs. Choose a home that has the potential to weather a few extensive renovations if necessary and has “good bones” in terms of structure, foundation, and more. If you are looking for a light and airy home, consider what the windows are like and where they face, just like you have to love the yard or balcony, even if just the potential of it.




Depending on what your current situation is like, you might find that there are a lot of single family homes that you can afford to buy and pay expenses for. Then again, you might be a dual-income family with a healthy pocketbook right now looking for luxury homes. But what does the future hold? Will you be able to continue to pay for your home expenses if one of you falls ill, gets laid off, or simply retires? Think long-term with your finances when you put together a budget for your home shopping trips.



Once you put all of these aspects together, you might find that certain areas or home styles suit you much better than others. Discover Dorval with houses for sale, that are both accessible to downtown while maintaining that close-knit community feel that many crave. It also attracts a wide range of buyers, from young families to seniors, meaning you are more likely to find you “forever home” here.


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