Four Types of Injuries That Are Most Likely to Be Lethal in the Construction Industry

Every year, many construction workers are injured or even lose their life in the workplace. The severity of these accidents can vary significantly, as can their causes. You can view full article for the best injury lawyers available if you’re looking for compensation. However, there are four types of injuries that occur the most regularly, as discussed below.

Electrical Accidents

This is the most common accident of all and it happens with power lines. These can be buried or overhead, but they are all hazardous due to their high voltage. If you are a welder who has been injured on the job, workers compensation for welders may compensate you for your injuries with the help of experienced injury lawyer. Electrocution can be lethal, but so can the falls from electrical poles, and the electrical burns people suffer. Another reason why accidents happen is because workers do not use the equipment properly. For instance, they may use indoor equipment outside.


Falls are the type of accident that is most likely to lead to death in the construction industry. In fact, one third of all deaths in the industry are caused by slip and fall. The most common situations leading to falls include:

  • Improper construction of scaffolding towers.
  • Unprotected floor and side holes that don’t have personal fall arrest systems or safety nets installed.
  • Misuses of portable ladders, including not securing or positioning it properly.
  • Protruding steel rebars that are not guarded, which leads to impalement when someone falls.

It is for good reason that scaffolding has to be erected under competent supervision.

Struck-By Accidents

A leading cause of death in the construction industry is ‘struck-by objects’. In 75% of these cases, heavy equipment was involved, including cranes and trucks. 25% of deaths caused by someone getting struck by a vehicle happen I the construction industry. Forklifts also lead to many accidents, as do flying and falling objects underneath cranes and scaffolding towers. In every construction site, it is important to have someone who knows how to operate equipment properly, companies like Forklift Training Systems offers a train the trainer course for the forklift trainers, Get More Information on their website.

Accidents Equipment inspections and maintenance

You’ll find heavy equipment used on practically all construction projects across America. From large roadbuilding projects to residential homebuilding, heavy construction equipment is necessary to build and maintain the nation’s infrastructure — and staying safe when working around heavy equipment is vital.

If you work with or around heavy construction equipment, you’ll have a healthy respect for what these powerful machines can do. Whether you’re around a large excavator on a commercial construction site, working with a grader in the roadbuilding industry or operating a skid steer on a residential renovation project, you need to be aware of what your equipment is capable of. That includes what it’s capable of doing to you.

Heavy construction equipment can be dangerous when not used properly, but most workers perform daily duties uninjured. That’s because they’re aware of dangers associated with equipment operation, and they take steps to mitigate potential accidents. These astute operators and helpers truly appreciate the importance of heavy equipment safety which is why they constantly do inspections to to replace the faulty caterpillar engines and caterpillar transmission parts for new ones.

Excavation and Trenching Accidents

Some would say that performing excavations or otherwise working in trenches is the most dangerous of all construction jobs. The fatality rate in this industry is 112% higher than that in any other part of the construction industry. Every year, around two people die in Washington State alone as a result of this. One of the reasons for this is because they are buried in soil, which leads to either drowning or asphyxiation. Piles of excavated materials frequently slip, leading to very serious, often fatal accidents. If you fall victim to a workplace injury, seeking legal advice can help ensure that to you receive the maximum workers compensation benefits. Workers are also compensated for medical fees such as occupational therapy. You can visit sites like to know how much it would cost.

Every day, someone gets hurt in a construction accident somewhere in the country. All construction workers, just like all other workers, have a right to work in a safe environment with a complete work zone equipment. They also have the right to get themselves a job site accident lawyer when they get injured. However, construction work is hazardous by its very nature and it is their right to get a workers comp lawyer if they happened to get injured at work. This is why employers and employees alike both carry responsibilities for safety within the industry. While it is the employer’s job, for instance, to have a qualified person erect scaffolding, workers still have to take personal responsibility and perform daily checks and risk assessments. Similarly, while it is the employer’s role to provide workers with suitable protective equipment, it is the employee’s role to actually use this as directed. Workers can hire this injury attorney in new haven ct to get their proper compensation.

Safety has to come first and everybody is responsible for making sure it remains the top priority.

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