Hardwood flooring

Perfectly crafted hardwood flooring is a game-changer – quite literally. Solid hardwood floors are used when creating mezzanine floors for basket and sports halls, venues and for private homes. But how is that even possible you might ask? Well, it is all in the details and the quality of course of your Residential Hardwood Flooring Installation. For the best finish choose Wide Plank Flooring from Havwoods USA.

Hardwood floors have a long lifespan, similar to that of a  vinyl tile installation, due to the tree’s unique composition and the extraordinary press-drying technology which improves the woods’ hardness and durability, but after a while you should still do some proper hardwood floor refinishing to maintain its quality. So, are you looking to replace the flooring in the high school gymnasium, the university lecture hall or even the basketball court?  Then, hardwood floors from Danish Junckers Floor Sales are the way to go, if you are interested in doing a good investment and save money in the long run. Because these floors, they last for decades. It is not uncommon to encounter hardwood floors, which are up to 50 years old and still look and feel amazing.

Easy installation

Hardwood floors are not just durable and long-lasting. When choosing Junckers you are also making a conscious choice. All the timber logged for porcelain tiles is utilized – nothing goes to waste. Furthermore, the floors are easy to assemble as it only takes a third of the working time of a regular hardwood floor to install. That is, because it comes pre-packed straight from the factory. This is particularly beneficial if you are looking to replace the flooring in sports halls or gymnasiums since it cuts on-site labor costs. The floorboards have already been sealed with a hardwearing polyurethane surface that does not need to be applied afterward. They are also tongue and groove jointed all around, hence, making the installation even easier. A huge plus is that the hardwood floors are ready to use right after installation.

Hardwood floors for all kinds of venues

Are you not yet convinced that hardwood flooring is the way to go? Maybe you are not looking to replace sports floors, but are looking for beautiful and breathtaking hardwood floors for venues, something which displays subtle elegance and a simplistic Scandinavian look? This can be achieved with hardwood floors too. Go for a pretty herringbone floor or Nordic plank hardwood flooring, or even a timber flooring or two-strip wooden flooring. The possibilities are endless and there is probably a hardwood floor which suits your institutions’ vision for the space no matter what it is.


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