How to Choose the Right Grass for Your Yard

Right Grass for Your Yard

Maintaining your home includes preserving the curb appeal by hiring the right landscape gardeners. Any yard is incomplete without a healthy, lush lawn. We recommend you use this excellent lawn mower from HouseBait. If you are growing new grass, you will need to consider a few important, critical factors when it comes to your lawn maintenance. Here are some tips about how to choose the right grass from a sod farm.

 Right Grass for Your YardThe most important factor to consider when growing grass at home is where you live, but if you want a green lawn as soon as possible, then consider contacting a company like St Augustine Grass Distributor. Location, environment, temperature and climate influence grass growth significantly and will impact the success of your lawn. Most grasses are classified as either “cool season” or “warm season” grasses. Cool season grasses thrive best in northern areas while warm season grasses do better in southern gardens.

Cool season grasses do best in the fall and spring, but may turn brown in the hot summer months. They are usually sold in grass blends of a few different grass seed varieties such as several types of Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescue. Growing a mixture is smart because if one type of seed doesn’t take well to the soil or the climate, others will still grow and the planting will not be a loss. If you want to make sure that you have the best soil for your yard, then consider using topsoil.

Warm season grasses are ideal in warm and humid climates of the south. They turn brown and go dormant in the cold winter months but thrive in the heat of the summertime. For a hardy southern grass, you may consider Zoysia since it will be most tolerant of colder temperatures. If you are in a hot and humid climate like Florida, you may do better with Bermuda Grass. Bermuda Grass is great in the heat but has little to not tolerance for colder temperatures. The humidity of a Gulf Coast or Florida climate provides the grass with ample water that it needs to thrive and remain green for long periods of time throughout the year.

You should also consider your specific lawn. Notice how much sun versus shade your yard receives since this could influence your decision as to which type of grass to purchase. Also look into your area’s local drought records to see if you are in a drought-ridden area.

You will then need to decide what you want your grass to look like. All grass types have different aesthetic characteristics in regards to texture, color, and leaf shape. You should also consider your budget, since different grasses cost different amounts and one may be more budget friendly than the next.

For cutting edge grass that looks fantastic and stays healthy, it is important that you consider these various factors. You especially need to take into account your region and climate to determine which grasses will thrive best. You should also think about your lawn’s sunlight and location, what you want the grass to look like and how much you are willing to spend to purchase and lay seed on your lawn. These factors will allow you to narrow down your options so that you can pick the grass type or mixture that is ideal for you and your lawn care needs. Contact a residential lawn mowing company to maintain your yard and grass after you choose the right type.


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