How to Cover Bay Windows

Bay windows are absolutely beautiful and create a real feature of a nice view. They also make a room look a lot brighter and more open. As nice as they may be, however, they also present a significant difficulty and that is on how to cover them properly. You don’t want to lose any of the beauty that they provide you with, after all, but you will want to be able to close them for privacy or if the sun is particularly glaring.

Understanding Bay Window Treatments

Window coverings are designed to do more than just block out the light. They enhance your privacy and they help to protect your furniture, carpets, or wood flooring from the UV rays of the sun. Plus, they help to insulate your property, meaning that you can lower your energy bills and make a positive contribution to the environment.

With bay window coverings, you have to find a mixture between function and form. You want something that is practical, but also that looks elegant and allows you to enjoy your feature window. With blinds, you can completely change the look and feel of a room in an inexpensive way. You can get blinds in a range of shapes, materials, types, and sizes, even for bay windows, so you certainly aren’t limited in the options that are out there.

A lot of people opt for wooden blinds in their bay windows. This is because these windows give you a view of nature, and wood blinds are made of a natural material. Furthermore, they are very durable and strong, keeping their natural beauty over the years with proper care and attention. Basswood and linden tree wood is particularly popular as a material for bay windows.

The problem with wooden blinds, however, is that they are very expensive. As a result, a lot of people opt for faux wood, or synthetic wood, instead. Besides being cheaper, these are also a lot lighter in weight. So, if you want to achieve the natural, warm look of wood but you don’t have as much money or you have dexterity issues, then faux wood is a perfect alternative solution. Furthermore, if your bay window happens to be in your kitchen or bathroom, or any other high moisture area, then wood isn’t an option. Wood expands and contracts when subjected to moisture, meaning that your blinds will break. When you choose a synthetic material, you don’t have this problem. This also means that they are much easier to clean and maintain. The downside is that they are not as good as insulating, never quite look real, and don’t last as long. Hence, you will have to come to a decision that is right for you personally.

Blinds exist for every budget and every style, so you are not limited to just wood and faux wood. You can also choose fabrics, or other synthetic materials that have funky and cool designs on them. You can even have textured blinds if you prefer.

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