How To Decorate Your Home In 2016

According to a professional online interior decorator, when it comes to decorating an interior of a home, knowing what to do comes far more naturally to some people than others. If you are really unsure about how to decorate your new home or redecorate an existing property, then you might want to contact the professional painters and decorators dublin from companies as to help you. However, there are lots of things that you can do yourself, by choosing the best furniture is a great way to get started.

So, what trends are the “in” things in 2016?

Giving your home a rustic look is a popular modern way to decorate and the term used to describe furniture that looks worn but is brand new is shabby chic. Good deals on shabby chic furniture can be found online with a quick search and while this style of furniture has a worn appearance, it is actually new and the used look is a simple way to give a room a lot of character and warmth.

Shabby Chic

Here are a few of the main characteristics of furniture that has a shabby chic look:

  • It will look as though it has received multiple coats of paint over the years
  • The paint will likely be chipping away at the edges
  • The distressed look with give it the appearance of being an antique
  • It adds a soft touch to any room

There are many styles that give off a shabby chic look, such as beach houses, pretty cottages and typically French-looking homes with australian wall stickers.

Remember that if your home needs repair, you must take care of that first, contact your contractor for a quotation and get it done.

Colours & Patterns

White and cream are often used on furniture with this type of style as well as the following:

  • Neutral tones like beige
  • Pastels such as blue and pink
  • Images of roses and cherubs
  • Feminine accessories

The hues will often be pale and simple but often furniture using this style will be painted white, beige or cream. You can use images of roses, angels or anything angelic and unassuming such as fairies or other sophy crown flowers and the key to decorating your interior in this style is to use it on everything from the walls to the furniture and the rest of the décor.

Types of Furniture

Chest of drawers and cupboards with a shabby chic look are hugely popular this year and you can also get anything from beds to small tables that use this style. Bedside tables and dressing tables with purposely worn areas of paint will help you to give your bedroom a shabby chic look and it will give your entire home a unique, trendy appearance that has a lot of depth and charisma.

Shabby chic décor will work well in any type of property and it instantly adds a sense of character to a home and will work well in every room in your house, from your main bedroom and living area to your study and the children’s bedrooms.


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