How To Improve Workplace Productivity With Basic Sound Treatment

In today’s economy, a company isn’t doing its due diligence if it isn’t considering every reasonable step to increase productivity. And one of the most problematic issues in the modern workplace doesn’t deal with computers, or meetings, or turnover, but communication. 

How To Improve Workplace Productivity With Basic Sound TreatmentIn an open office environment, you can have entire work staffs housed under a single ceiling, all trying their hardest to get their work done. But when you take every conversation, every phone call, and every noisy computer program, and pump them all into a massive open space, you’ve created sound-smog polluting your work environment.

One of the best ways to clear the sound in a noisy office is acoustical treatment, and the easiest way to do this is with acoustical ceiling tiles. Placed in the standard drop ceiling array, acoustical foam sound tiles are like a filter that can help purify the noise in a shared space.

Office noise is caused by echoes and reflections of conversations, and as they all add up, hitting our ears milliseconds apart throughout the day, our interpretation of sound smears, making it hard to pick up the particulars of a conversation or the details in a phone call. Ceiling foam absorbs the bouncing, high frequency reflections.

Breakdowns in communication and the inability to focus can result in costly mistakes that quickly add up. But with acoustical ceiling treatment, your company and employees can reap the benefits of a more efficient office!—

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for acoustical foam, ranging from wall panels, to bass traps.


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