How to Install an Electric Shower


According to residential electrician services, there are a few steps to installing an electric shower, but if you are not that experienced, then you should consider contacting an electrician or maybe even a handyman for professional assistance. A few inspections are required to begin this process first. This ensures that the process can be done in the home and that it will be safe. Many varieties can be explored by visiting for professional assistance. Some may include added features that are on your wish list as well. Usually, it is recommended that home owners have a home warranty program in case their system gets damaged in the platform. 

ShowerCheck the Available Electricity

An electric shower requires an independent circuit. If one is not readily available, it is important to make sure installing one is an option. For this step, consult a commercial electrician to perform an inspection. If circuit breakers needs to be installed, ask for an estimate. When you get an electrician, make sure that you get a top ranking GFIC installation so there will be no more repairs needed in the future.

Check the Distance from Cold Water Access

Since an electric shower does not run on a home’s hot water heater, it is important that the access to cold water piping is close. Enquire about installing an additional pipe with your plumber to provide the necessary access if this step is required. It is ideal if this is a separate pipe that cannot be drawn from by other rooms of the home.

Inspect the Existing Plumbing

A lot of pressure is used by an electric shower as it does not run up from a hot water heater. This is an independent source that uses an internal heating element and does push water through at a higher pressure. It is important to inspect the existing plumbing to ensure that all of the pipes are intact and up to code. You can visit this site if you’re looking for a plumber. For those who have had previous issues with their water heater, have you heard about this water heater repair?

Wire in an Independent Circuit

According to experts like Mitchell Electric Electric Repair North Sioux City, following the plumbing and electrical inspections, you are now ready to install and wire in the independent circuit for the electric shower. This process should be completed by a licensed electrician who is experienced in electrical design and layout. It is a process that must be done in a precise manner to prevent electrical sparks and potential shorts in the circuit. Visit to see if they service your area.

Attach the Shower to the Piping

Once the circuit is in place, it is time to begin connecting the shower to the existing pipes. There may be a few reconfigurations that are needed in order to get the water supply to the right area. Consider using a thin wrapping of plumber’s tape on the threaded area for a tight fit.

Close Up the Mounting and Test

Once all of the plumbing and electrical are in place, it is time to close up the mounting hole, add on the outer pieces and test the water. You want to look for good water pressure and fast heating water. A few adjustments may be required so do not put any caulking around the outside of the moulding until the process is complete. use the best plumbers in wausau, wi visit

These steps are rather simple and most can be done without a contractor, but for the electrical part I do recommend you hire  residential electrical services. Visit to see if they service your area. The use of an electric shower is an energy efficient way to deliver an unlimited hot water supply to the bathroom. It is also ideal to include a valve so that this hot water cannot be drawn by another room of the home. This improvement can help a home function better so one person can shower while another does the dishes, for example.


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