How to Keep Your Home Clean While Remodeling

Many kitchen remodeling products have the potential to leave your floors, surfaces, and furniture covered in dust and debris.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case.  Whether you are currently doing a bathroom remodeling project, opening up your living room, or installing a new kitchen, there are ways that you can minimize the disruption.  Here, we’re going to take a look at a few of the ways you can keep your home clean while working on a kitchen remodeling project.

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Remove Anything That Doesn’t Need to Be There

Before the remodeling starts, it’s a good idea to remove anything that doesn’t need to be in the room.  This includes furniture, decorations, clothing, and household goods.  Not only will leaving the renovation area as bare as possible help to make the remodeling process easier, but it will keep your belongings clean.  It will also prevent them from being accidentally broken or damaged during the construction.

Cover It Up

While removing furniture is always the best option, not everyone has the free space available to do this.  In this case, covering it up will be your best option.  Companies like Trimaco sell drop cloths, flooring paper, protective film, masking paper, and dust containment solutions that will help ensure your goods and floors are protected as much as possible.  Click here to buy from them online.

Isolate the Area

Some major renovations often require scaffolding to provide temporary structure to support crews and materials to aid in the construction, check them out here. The next thing you’ll want to do is ensure the renovation area is isolated from the rest of the house.  Speak to your contractor and ask them to minimize the debris as much as possible and to take steps to ensure the rest of the house doesn’t get dirty in the process.  This could involve asking them to enter the house through the back door, or asking that they wear protective bags over their shoes to avoid traipsing dust through other areas of your property.  You can also install tarps over door frames if the job is expected to be large.

Clean Up Daily

Many people think they can forget about cleaning up the renovation area until after it has been completed.  However, this can be a large job.  Instead, get house cleaning services to keep the area clean daily.  This will help reduce the amount of dust and debris that is able to enter the remainder of your property.

However for the very best house washing services, you check out this House Washing in Vancouver WA for their professionals will keep your home looking great and free from dirt and bacteria that can damage your property and harm your family.

If you have an issue limited to blockages within your fixtures or sink drains, common household solutions for fixing a clogged drain may alleviate your symptoms. Try using a plunger on the toilet or an eco-friendly drain cleaning product like Bio-Clean® for a backed-up kitchen sink.

But what if the issue seems to be in your main sewer line? Should you attempt a do it yourself cleaning repair? Never. You could cause even more damage and there are safety risks. A DIY fix might even be breaking city code requirements in your area. On top of that, even if the symptoms of your sewer backup are alleviated, you’re likely to miss the larger issues that have been growing underground. You would also serve yourself better in the long run by enlisting help from a sewer repair service professional now. Unaddressed, drain backups and long-term waste buildup can lead to extensive house damage—and a full sewer line replacement is going to cost a lot more than inspection and maintenance.

These tools are most effective when used close to the problem area and they make it possible for severely clogged drains to be fully inspected again via camera (after clearing) to look for any structural damage that may have been difficult to see. Be sure to pick a plumbing company that is qualified and certified. The team ought to also have a good reputation in your community. You may want to ask a friend for a recommendation or read online reviews. You can read some of the great reviews of our work on our website and on Yelp. Those individuals and families that may be renovating their home through methods of demolition or otherwise, it is fundamental to have a receptacle in which to place your waste. An unsightly pile of garbage in your backyard simply won’t go away all on its own. You have a few options for the waste disposal. Two options are hiring a dumpster rental company to do it for you or you can haul it off yourself with Commercial Roll Off Dumpster Rentals, check out a  Homepage for extra info.

Vacuum Before You Dust

Finally, one last tip is to vacuum the area before you dust.  If you have noticed that dust has found its way onto hardwood floors or furniture, dusting can actually encourage the debris to sink in further.  Vacuuming can help to prevent floors and furniture from becoming dull, but make sure you use a soft bristled brush attachment for this job. You could also consider using industrial fans  to keep constant airflow throughout the house.

Renovating or adding Absolute Granny Flats as an extension of your home can be an exciting time, but many homeowners neglect to think of the impact a renovation can have on the rest of the house.  Keep the above tips in mind and you shouldn’t feel like you’re living in a building site.

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