How to Prepare for an Indoor Party at Home

It is important to have a social life especially if you’re too busy with work. It would be great to throw some parties at least once or twice a month and invite your friends for some much-needed catching up.

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Organizing a party can be expensive, however there are ways to spend less and make the most of this event.

Renting a venue for the party is the main factor that makes it expensive. So how about organizing an indoor party at your own home? You will save a lot and have an easier time attending to details of your party if you organize it in your house.

Here are some tips that you can use to prepare for a house party.


  1. Decide how many people you are inviting – first of all, decide how many people you are inviting for the party. You should consider the space available in your house. You do not want to invite too many people that will make your house look too packed. Just invite those that your house can accommodate. Well, house party is mostly for intimate group of friends so pick your guests.

  2. Conduct a general cleaning – once you’ve decided to use your home as venue, it is advisable to do a general cleaning. Clean the entire house especially the room where you will accommodate your guests. This is to present your house well to your guests.

  3. Think of a concept to use – it would be nice to come up with some themes for your party. You can organize a potluck and ask each your guest to bring something for lunch or dinner. You may also come up with a formal dinner get-together wherein you will prepare all the food. Or, you can go with a birthday party rental so that you won’t have to clean a lot.

  4. Prepare the foods – speaking of food, you should decide the type of menu for your party. You can use your theme as basis. You should also consider if the party is for lunch time, dinner time or late night drinks. Then, come up with a menu that everyone will love. You can hire a catering service or you can cook the food yourself. If you’re making a charcuterie plate, then check out

  5. Prepare the silverware and table setting – if it is a formal dinner then it is best to bring out your special silverware as well as plates, glasses and other tableware. You can also check out dinners sets from online shops like Harris Scarfe if you are looking for a specific design for your plates. They have a multitude of beautiful and affordable dinnerware that would complement the theme of your party. Alternatively, if you’re organizing a casual party like BBQ Sundays or kid’s party then you can use disposable cups and plates to prevent accidents from broken or shattered glasses and plates. You may also set up a custom canopy in your backyard to accommodate more people especially if you’re hosting a BBQ party.


These tips will give you the opportunity to hold your party at home. It is a lot more practical compared to renting expensive venues like restaurants or hotel ballrooms. Indoor party could be perfect for small and intimate gatherings with your family and friends. The important thing is that you have good food and great company. It will be a good way to forget stress and problems from work.


So when is the next party? You can also check out DFW Celebrations and similar services if you need a venue for future celebrations.

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