How to Refurbish & Add Value to Your RV

Refurbishing your RV like those rv rentals can be a daunting task. There are a lot of areas to consider. Where to start? What is most profitable? Most cost effective? Do I need RV Windshield Covers? No worries, you’ll soon be refurbishing like a pro with these tips from The Foam Factory!

Update the Bedding

Seriously. This is especially important if you’re refurbishing an older or used RV. RV bedding is less expensive than a mattress, and can instantly add a ton of value.

Upgrade the Bathroom

Toilets in RVs are notoriously small and uncomfortable. Upgrading to a larger, more comfortable toilet is a must. If you’ve got some extra cash, consider upgrading the whole bathroom to include a larger shower or shower/tub combo.

Add a New Kitchen

While it’s true that the kitchens in RVs are already pretty small, they can feel pretty clunky. Updating it to have sleeker, slimmer counters, better-hidden storage, and newer mini appliances can make it so much more open.

Create a DIY Countertop

Okay – so it doesn’t have to be DIY, but updating your counter tops, table tops, and the fabrics on your couches and seats will breathe a whole new life into the old RV!

Of course, there are a lot of nuances, but these are some solid tips to get you going in the right direction. As always, add your own flair with accent pieces, but be mindful of your limited space. Painting with light colors and using accent colors and stencils can add a personal touch without taking up too much space! Place your RV in an RV storage to keep it in its tip-top shape!  If you also need to get your rv transport, but you don’t have the capabilities or time to handle it yourself, trust the expert drivers to help. And if you are looking for affordable camper van rentals, you may want to have a peek at this site to learn more.

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