Is it the Real Deal or Is it Faux? Can You Tell?

Wherever you live, you have to consider what your home looks like. A property that doesn’t look like doesn’t feel nice either. Plus, people will judge you for it when they come to visit you. So how does this judgment actually work?

What People See When They Visit You

As soon as someone walks into your home, they will appreciate it if it looks comfortable and warm. This is something that you can achieve by installing wooden blinds, which are luxurious and chic in appearance. They also, however, come with a very hefty price tag. Luckily, you can purchase faux wood blinds as well, and people often cannot even tell the difference.

Real wood blinds are very decorative in appearance. They are artistic, but also versatile and useful. Additionally, you can enhance them further, for instance, by adding curtains or even a valance sheet to them. Wood blinds are almost always made up of horizontal slats, although some vertical blinds also exist. These are mainly designed for larger windows, however, which means they are also more expensive. One of the great things about real wood blinds is that each piece is completely unique, being made of actual pieces of cane, bamboo, or any other type of wood.

Faux wood blinds don’t have that uniqueness. However, it isn’t as if people are going to compare the slats of your blinds to their own to determine whether or not they are unique. They look completely real and create the exact same effect as well. And then there is the fact that they actually have additional benefits. Real wood blinds cannot be used in rooms with high moisture content. This includes your kitchen, utility room, and bathroom. If real wood gets into touch with moisture, then it starts to warp and rot. Faux wood, however, does not have this problem because they are made of vinyl instead.

Faux wood blinds, if looked after properly, will last a lifetime as well. They are very easy to clean and can even be fully washed in a tub. And when you consider they are around 30% cheaper than real wood blinds, it starts to become clear why they are the better option.

A final benefit to faux wood blinds is found in their installation. You won’t need any kind of professional help you to put them up, although you can request it, of course. With real wood blinds, however, the process is a whole lot more difficult, not in the least because of the weight of the blinds themselves. When you purchase your blinds, they will come with full instructions on how to install them. The most important thing is that you took the right measurements so that they actually fit properly. Again, your blind manufacturer will have instructions available for you on how take the proper measurements. If you do have any questions about this, or aren’t sure about what you are doing, then ask somebody to come out and do it for you. 

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