Louis Poulsen makes timeless lamps

A Louis Poulsen lamp fits every home and is timeless in both design and quality. At lampemesteren.com you can find the perfect Louis Poulsen lamp for your home.

Lamp and Louis Poulsen stick together like glue. Because when saying lamp, you also say Louis Poulsen that is a world-known and iconic lamp brand. It is especially known for the popular PH-lamps.

Since 1925 when Poul Henningsen got a gold medal at an international exhibition of decorative arts in Paris for his ground-breaking designs, lamps from Louis Poulsen have been recognized all over the world.
A proud history of designers

Louis Poulsen has a long and proud history of designing and producing lamps and their assortment ranges from floor/standard lamps to table lamps, wall lamps, pendants and outdoor lamps for both home and business. Poul Henningsen is a huge reason why Louis Poulsen has gotten extraordinary success with lamps. In over 40 years Louis Poulsen’s lamps were primarily designed by Henningsen, but since then also famous designers like Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Louise Campbell, Ross Lovegrove, Shoichi Uchiyama and Christian Flindt has designed lamps for Louis Poulsen.

The goal for Louis Poulsen is to develop lamps, that has a long lifespan when it comes to technique and design, so that it is a sustainable product for you to know. That means, that the design is so classic that it never goes out of style. And it means that the quality of the lamps is good enough to last a lifetime. Louis Poulsen balances to both success in doing what they are best at and staying at the same position as well as always expanding and developing new ground-breaking lamps.
Lampemesteren.com is an authorized dealer
You can buy you Louis Poulsen lamp online at lampemesteren.com, which is an authorized dealer of the famous Danish lamps. They both have a showroom in Ringkøbing, Denmark and a webshop in which you can find and buy all the amazing lamps fra Louis Poulsen.

At the webshop you will find both pictures and information about every lamp and if you need help with anything, you can always contact them and they will help you out. Lampemesteren.com has years of experience in advising customers about lighting, so they will without any problem give you all the information you need.  Find all the different lamps from Louis Poulsen at https://www.lampemesteren.com/louis-poulsen-brand/.


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