Make the Most of Your Spare Bedroom

If you’re spare bedroom is currently being used as a storage room for Christmas decorations and other miscellaneous items that have no real place to go in your home, then this is the post for you. It’s time to give your spare room the TLC is deserves and transform it into a useful room that you can use and make the most of. Having a spare room in your home is a luxury, so it’s important to really utilise the space and make the most out of every room in your house! Keep reading for some inspiration on how you can transform your spare room and also add value to your property!

Art or Creative Studio

If you’re someone who is into art and often creates masterpieces at home, or you’re someone who loves to hide away in a room and create some artistic pieces, then you should really consider turning your spare room into an art or creative studio and add some of Tina Lewis‘s nice selection of wall art. Imagine how amazing it would be to have all of your essential art products in one place, with plenty of room to get creative and design to your hearts content. You could even add your own work to the walls to keep the creativity flowing and help to inspire you on your next upcoming projects. It’s the perfect way to give yourself some ‘me’ time and create a space that is yours for you to enjoy.

Walk-in Wardrobe

For many, a single standing wardrobe is just not enough. Introducing a stylish walk-in wardrobe will not only make you feel like you’ve stepped out of a Sex and the City movie, but it will also really help to create some space in your bedroom for other essential storage. Walk-in wardrobes are perfect for freeing up space in your home, but also really help to make use of that spare bedroom. Mirrored robe door is perfect to go with contemporary spaces as well as minimalist design trends. You can make it really personal to you, introducing a small dressing area or even a vanity area to give you more room to get ready each day!

Home Gym

It’s often difficult to find the time to fit the gym into your busy schedule, but by transforming your spare room into a home gym you have no more excuses of why you can’t spend half an hour on the treadmill! One of the many benefits to having a home gym is that you have the option to include every machine or item that you need to help you with your workouts. You don’t have to worry about people using the machines for ages, or having to give yours up to someone who’s been waiting around! You can even get replacement gym cables from TK Star if you ever run into issues with your equipment. Think about it, you’ll have the freedom to workout in your own private space and choose the times that are right for you.

Hidden Library

There’s nothing more relaxing than a quiet, calm space for you to sit back and get stuck in a good book or read some stories at With so many distractions all over the house, it can become almost impossible to take an hour to yourself to sit and enjoy your favourite book. By introducing your own hidden library in your spare room, you can create a small sanctuary, filled with an oak bookcase bursting with classic literature, some cosy chairs to snuggle into and of course, a selection of artwork that helps you to wind down and relax. Home libraries are also really useful for encouraging your little ones to read and get into the habit of choosing some good books that they’ll enjoy. You could focus on creating a reading hour for you and your family to take time to read a good book, or similarly, you could dedicate a ‘do not disturb’ time for your family to leave you in peace!

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