Modern Energy Saving Solutions for the Homeowner

Most of the heat that escapes from your home, exits via the roof, the windows, and the doors, and while good residential roofing and wall insulation effectively cuts off one escape route, the windows are a more difficult area to prevent heat loss. Make sure also that the roofing installation is rightly done to prevent any heat loss. The most cost-effective way to eliminate this is to upgrade your windows at your home and doors using double glazed units that are very effective insulators. Make sure also that your roofing system is in good condition, if not look for metal roofing edmonton company or Commercial Roofing, Inc. and let them help you. For more information visit phoenix commercial roofing.

The right location

If you are fortunate to live in the south of England, there are double glazing companies in Kent that can provide the ideal solution, and with each installation custom made, the fit will be perfect. If you really want to beat the winter blues, there are triple glazed units that offer a higher level of thermal insulation, as well as great sound insulation, important for those who live near airports, busy roads, and train lines.

The right materials

Modern windows can be made using a variety of materials including,

  • UPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Hardwood
  • Composite materials

Each has its own unique look, and with low maintenance, they all provide a high level of thermal and sound insulation. The right style will certainly complement your home, and add significant value at the same time.

The right company

An established double glazing company would have many years’ experience replacing doors and windows in both residential and commercial properties, and with tailor-made units, the installation would be straightforward. If the company has a website, the chances are they will post customer reviews, which can give you a level of confidence.


There is a wide range of styles to suit any home, such as Georgian, leaded light windows, sliding sash, and tilt and turn units, so finding the right look would not be a problem. The company would send a representative to your home, and he or she would discuss your options, and after a quick measure up, a quote would be given. Many homeowners decide to add a conservatory, and the double glazing company would usually offer this service. A conservatory is ideal for the British weather, as it is primarily glass surfaces, and without the wind, you can absorb the warmth of the sun, even in the winter. If you have already replaced your windows and doors, the company would match the conservatory with the existing units, keeping that uniformed look.

Added security

With crime figures the way they are, it always makes sense to upgrade your home security, and double glazed units are very visible, which means that house breakers will avoid trying to force entry in any home with modern double glazed units. Even the tricks of the trade won’t help a burglar penetrate a modern double glazed window or door, and the locking mechanisms are tamper proof, so more often than not, they will move on to something a little easier. The deterrent value is very effective, and with the extra comfort you have at home, coupled with the energy saving, it makes perfect sense to replace your windows and doors with state of the art solutions.


The initial cost might be hefty, but it is a major home improvement after all, and as time goes by, you will have a pleasant surprise when the utility bills arrive. Transition to 100% renewable energy today and see the difference.


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