Pampering in a Beautiful New Bathroom

There are many beautiful bathroom suites and accessories available for the home maker to choose from to create their perfect bathroom. Building an extension or adding an en-suite to a large bedroom are opportunities to design a completely new bathroom while an existing bathroom which is a bit tired and frayed round the edges can be completely refurbished. You might also just want to make low cost minor changes to upgrade it. The extent of the planned changes depends on the available budget and the amount of sprucing up required.


Looking for a new design
If the bathroom has been used for some time, there may have been changes in the household which mean that a fresh design would help. Children may have arrived and some extra storage would be great to keep all the bath toys and creams and nappies that are needed. Or the children may have grown and flown the nest, giving the opportunity for a grown-up streamlined bathroom just for two.

Vanity units are ideal for adding storage in the space beneath a basin which is often wasted. If matching cupboards are also installed, this will bring a certain style to a bathroom. Having all the bits and bobs that accumulate in a bathroom stored in a cupboard makes it tidier and more peaceful. A full length mirror fitted on the wall, or the door of a floor to ceiling storage unit, can be very useful, and will also create the illusion of some extra light in the room.

Beautiful bathroom furniture, such as that available from can have a big impact on the look of a bathroom. A new style can be achieved by replacing the taps, towel rails and other fittings on basins, baths, toilets and showers. For example, old ornate gold coloured fittings can be replaced by sleek silver ones, which would immediately give the room a contemporary look, or modern taps can be changed to achieve a retro style. Whatever the new look, it can be emphasised by fresh colours on the walls and a new floor covering.

Will that small space fit an extra cloakroom?

A small space in the hall or under the stairs may have been dismissed as being too small for a cloakroom. It is worth looking again at corner vanity units which are now available to see if the space can be utilised. If so, this will be a great addition to a house: visitors don’t need to go upstairs if they want to use the bathroom, which is especially helpful for anyone with mobility problems, and no-one needs trail mud upstairs when they come in from the garden.

Which? magazine advises looking at smaller than average products including toilets to see if it is possible to fit in an extra cloakroom. Apart from being very useful, this is likely to increase the value of the property.

A bathroom often gets overlooked when a house is refurbished but a beautiful bathroom can enhance a home; it is very comfortable to spend time in a room designed for relaxing and all things beautiful. Spending an hour or two bathing and pampering in a stylish bathroom is a great way to relax.


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