Popular Commercial Packaging Materials

Some materials are more useful than others when you are packaging. Why are certain materials more popular? Learn about the materials that can most benefit your package and why said materials have risen in popularity in recent years.

1. Double Sides Tape

Double sided tape can be convenient when you are packaging, because it makes your parcel appear more professional. How does it accomplish this? Double sides tape works by being an invisible adhesive. Instead of using generic tape to secure a label, double-sided tape can be used under the label but on top of the box. The consumer does not see the tape, and you are left with better-looking craftsmanship. The tape can also be used for other packaging needs; it is not simply restricted to labels. Some types of double sides tape are even built to resist high temperatures, protecting your package no matter where it travels.  TriPak Ltd recommends this tape for those searching for optimal results in their packages.

2. Plastic and Bubble Wraps

Bubble wrap is a popular packaging material for its light weight. Instead of needing to pay a higher price for more weight in the box (as would happen if you stuffed your package with paper or cardboard), bubble wrap provides you with a safe package at a low cost. Though the bubbles could be popped under extreme pressure, during normal shipping bubble wrap protects packages well. For this reason, it has become a popular packaging material.

LDPE plastic sheets are also used in food packaging and are often used as a film for baked goods, meat and frozen foods. LDPE sheets can be stretched without breaking. For this reason, LDPE is widely used in products such as plastic bags and films. In addition, the soft and flexible nature of this material also results in a high impact strength.

3. Silica Gel

Another popular type of packaging material is silica gel packets. They serve to draw the moisture inside themselves and keep the product dry. While you would not want these packets to be your only packing material, throwing a few in with the product can help prevent it from becoming moist or mouldy during its journey.

4. Insulated Shipping Boxes

Insulated shipping boxes, as provided by TriPak Ltd, also offer a way to safely ship your product. If you have a temperature sensitive item, these insulated shipping boxes can help keep the heat controlled. You can choose the level of insulation depending on the sensitivity of your item. Because of their success in safe delivering, these shipping boxes have been rising in popularity.

5. Warning Indicators

TriPak Ltd provides a variety of options in the type of warning you can post on your box. Different colours and signs are available depending on the caution. If you need your package to remain upright, there is a sign designed specifically for that. If you need your chocolate boxes to be in a temperature-controlled environment, there is also a sign available for that situation. Looking through these options and selecting a sign to place on your box can give an extra warning and layer of protection for the package you are shipping.

These materials are important to keep on hand if you want your package to be as safe as possible. The materials have gained in popularity as their usefulness has been realised, and for good reason – they will give you a better shipping experience.

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