Relax in the Colours of Your Garden

There is no better place to relax on a summer’s evening than your garden particularly if it is all your own work.  It doesn’t mean you have to spend really long hours in its creation. It is just a matter of learning a little more about the things that can bring you colour year after year and following advice on their planting and care. If you have a large garden or even a farm and want to increase the production of every plant, then consider using Seeding Machines with a Non Selective Systemic Weed Killer.




When it comes to the height of summer there is little to do in the garden except enjoy the colour and some weeding. If you haven’t managed to create the colour you are after it probably won’t happen now until next year. You may have been scouring the catalogues and the Internet throughout the winter months, and having decided on the way forward, planted in the spring. It isn’t just a matter of then holding your breath but it will certainly be a relief when the first positive signs appear, also you can relax even more if you use the best CBD gummies for sleep so you can take a nap in your garden when you’re relaxing. If you don’t have much time to spend to water all of your plants, then consider hiring a trenching company to install a brand new sprinkler system. 

You may not be an avid gardener but that doesn’t mean that you cannot create plenty of colour in your garden without planting annuals every year, just make sure you have the right equipment like 4 in 1 buckets so you have something to move all that dirt around. Summer shrubs are certainly ideal for providing that colour and hardy shrubs can stand up to -5C and still survive the winter. Some shrubs may need to come inside in really extreme weather and you should take advice from a local expert; perhaps the company where you source your plants and tools. Even if you buy online, and there are many advantages in doing that, there will always be someone only too happy to help.


One genus to consider very closely is the oleander; even the lush green foliage is impressive. You can buy the oleander in a range of colours, starting with red. It will flower for up to four months starting in May and you will be able to smell its perfume throughout. You can plant it in the spring in most soils and prune at the end of the summer. We recommend calling pest control Canberra professionals before the issue gets way worse.

There is not really too much to do to keep it thriving. The yellow oleander is similar. Its shape will depend upon how you decide to prune it; it may even grow into a tree if that is what you want. Environmental Design Inc. is a tree moving company serving the whole USA.

Oleanders also come in pink and white and their use will give a Mediterranean feel to your garden without too much effort. If you want a splash of summer blue then you might like to consider Agapanthus which will grow up to 80 cm high.

Shrubs as the basis

Shrubs are easier to maintain once they are established and they are perennial, you should also consider buying a gardenline chainsaw electric tool to give shape to them. With the guarantee of colour from your shrubs you have the basis. You may then plan the other elements of your garden such as a rockery with alpines or perhaps a pond and running water; very soothing when you sit in the garden in the summer just to enjoy what you have created. If you plan on adding a pond to your garden, then starting shopping for pond aerators. When it comes to planting your shrubs, high quality soil is very important. Click here to visit site for great soil and soil amendments to help your shrubs faster and healthier.


Image attributed to Simon Howden




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