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Not Sleeping Well? Read On


Lots of people have difficulty falling asleep. This can be due to many reasons like:-


  • Having too much on your mind
  • Back pain
  • Uncomfortable pillows
  • Being too hot or too cold
  • Having a lumpy mattress


Thankfully there are websites that cover useful information about mattresses, buying guides, mattress reviews and sleep tips. Click here if you want more information on some great mattresses.


Here are some sleep tips from Sleep Junkie which can help send you off to sleep as soon as your head touches the pillow:-


  1. Finding the right mattress to help with back pain – if you have any kind of back pain you will need a mattress that offers good support, pressure relief and durability.
  2. Is your bed too hot or too cold? – for those people who feel cold in bed, an electric blanket will warm you up. Heated pads are also a good idea or just try the best weighted blankets. You could wear socks to keep your feet at a good temperature.
  3. Too hot in bed? – try using cotton or bamboo sheets as they provide moisture wicking and breathability. Use natural fibre covers on your bed and an inner spring mattress without foam padding.
  4. Try an adjustable bed frame – being able to adjust your bed frame gives more comfort at the touch of a button. If you feel better lying on a slight incline, an adjustable bed is the perfect answer.
  5. Don’t have the room too hot or too cold – before going to bed, check that the temperature feels just right. Too hot and the room will feel stuffy, too cold will make the room uncomfortable to lie in.
  6. Going Trying vitamins with melatonin, cbd oils or Exhale Wellness THC oil to help with relaxation.
  7. Going to bed at approximately the same time each night will give you a routine that your body gets used to. You’ll feel more rested in the morning too.


Think for a moment how one night’s loss of sleep could affect you. Many people might assume it isn’t such a big deal to lose one night’s rest but sleep deprivation can play with your mind and body. When one night’s loss of sleep turns into two, then weeks, the results can be devastating. Sleep loss can affect everything so choosing a top of the range, high quality mattress is probably one of the most important household investments you can make.

Sleep well by changing your diet


Did you know that what you eat can actually affect how you sleep? Some sleep experts have carried out studies that have highlighted the link between a well-balanced diet and sleep. Eating the wrong food and burning the candle at both ends will ruin your sleep. One of the keys to having a good night’s sleep is a good diet and not to eat too late at night and use healthy medicine to improve the sleep, with Exhale Wellness products you can find a range of products with CBD that adapt to your needs.


Having the right diet including many other sleep tips like how to make your bedroom better to sleep in and the connection between sleep and work are worth reading about. Sleep well by reading helpful online posts and tips.

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