Stump Grinding: Getting To The Roots Of The Problem

When it comes to removing trees, cutting them down and having them professionally removed is often the best choice. However, if you want a tree removed completely then the process is a lot more than just taking it back to a stump.

While the tree is technically removed, the stump can prove to be a problem. You might find that it sits in the middle of a lawned area which means that you find yourself having to mow around it. It becomes nothing more than a nuisance which is why it makes sense to look for professional stump grinding Essex.

However, removing a tree stump is not a simple task and most won’t know how to deal with it. So, when you call in professionals, they will undertake stump grinding. There are steps that have to be taken in order to get it right and the correct equipment will be needed such as a stump grinder.

What the stump grinding process is about

Stump grinding involves using a stump grinder which is a large machine that has a cutter that can work to a certain depth. They come with grinding teeth that grind the stump down, turning it into a stringy consistency.

The equipment is small enough to use by one person but again, it is important to understand that using it does come with risks as it is a powerful piece of equipment.

Removing the roots

If you want the tree removed completely, you’ll need to consider the type of tree. There are those trees, where it is possible to grind the stump back to below ground level, leaving some of the roots there, knowing that they won’t grow. However, for fruit-bearing trees, the roots will continue to live and will continue to grow. This might mean that a herbicide treatment is required to kill the root system.

Cleaning Up

Of course, stump grinding is a messy process, after all, it involves grinding down tree stumps which involves lots of debris. However, when it comes to cleaning up, there are a number of options but the answer to the clean-up query does depend on the answer to several questions.

This depends on how deep they want the stump to go below the ground. Do they want to be able to lay a new lawn which means a depth of up to 8 inches? Do they want to plant another tree which might mean grinding to a depth of anything from 12 to 36 inches? They might also want it deep enough so that they can carry out work such as foundations or laying a driveway.

The reality is that if you want to remove a tree stump, you will need to carry out a property job. This will ensure that the stump is removed to a required depth and that all roots are dealt with correctly. Only then can you truly say that the stump has been completely removed.

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