The Main Reasons Why Vinyl Luxury Flooring is Your Best Choice

Vinyl flooring has undergone some major improvements since its inception. When it first came out, a lot of homeowners liked its water- and dust-resistant properties, and it was mainly used for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where water and moisture had the potential to accumulate. But there was one drawback to vinyl flooring in those times: it wasn’t as attractive as other flooring. But today, vinyl flooring has improved in more ways than one, and you now have the option of luxury vinyl flooring that has not only retained the original qualities of vinyl, but has a more elegant look and can be used for all rooms in the home. There are other reasons why luxury vinyl tile installation is a great choice – here’s a list.

Resistant to water

The main quality of vinyl which has made it popular through the years is its resistance to water. Now, with luxury vinyl flooring, that original quality has been retained, which makes it the ideal solution for areas such as cellars, bathrooms, and kitchens. Today, Waterproof Vinyl Flooring is additionally reinforced and is comprised of several layers, making it more durable than ever.

Aside from being resistant to water, high quality vinyl engineered flooring is easy to maintain and clean – all you need is a mop and water, and the flooring is spotless. It doesn’t readily absorb dirt and dust, and this makes it great for those with young children and pets – a safer and healthier environment for all.


Top quality vinyl Garage Flooring is also versatile. It can be installed on different kinds of sub-flooring, be it cement, tile, granite, laminate, and others. What’s more, good vinyl flooring available today can simply be glued, and some brands offer glue-less installation as well, if you are interested then contact a garage floor coating contractor.

Attractive and elegant

Another reason why quality tile flooring is more in demand is the fact that it’s simply more attractive and elegant. Hiring experienced and specialized professionals like those at RD Tiling will make quite a difference in the end result. Thanks to particular innovations, luxury vinyl flooring can take on the look of wood or natural stone. If you prefer wooden flooring but are wary of maintenance and cleaning, then vinyl flooring in a wood design is perfect.


A lot of accidents can happen in a home, as much as we don’t like to think about it. But another great aspect about luxury vinyl is that it is softer than natural wood, and walking on it or standing on it for a long time isn’t as uncomfortable for the feet. It’s a safer alternative – and a more comfortable one as well.


There’s no doubt that vinyl flooring is a lot less expensive than wooden plank flooring – it is, after all, a manufactured material, which means that it’s easily produced and made according to the most exacting standards. If your budget is limited, luxury vinyl plank flooring is your best option.


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