The many Chicago neighborhoods that apartments are in


With a population of nearly three million, Chicago has many neighborhoods with apartment rentals. When wanting to move to Chicago, here are some of its neighborhoods and the various attractions in each:

Wicker Park / Bucktown

Situated west of downtown Chicago, Wicker Park / Bucktown has many shopping areas which families enjoy spending time in. As well as boutiques, other attractive shops are in this neighborhood. It also has a vibrant nightlife and is understandably popular with singletons that are looking for love.

Little Italy & University Village

As with other American neighborhoods that are synonymous with Italian-American communities, Little Italy & University Village has many restaurants that serve pasta, pizza and other Italian cuisine. It also has a rich cultural history with many architecturally-stunning buildings that are decades old. The 2 bedroom apartments in this neighborhood are, understandably, highly sought after, in particular with those who move to America in order to find employment.

Gold Coast

Attracting visitors and tourists alike, many historic mansions are in Gold Coast. With impressive architecture, many areas of nightlife are in this neighborhood. When wanting to rent an apartment that’s near clubs and eateries, such as restaurants, there are many to choose from. The Chicago apartments that are in this neighborhood range in age. Many are a couple of years old whereas others were originally built several decades ago. When searching for an apartment that has a lot of character, there are plenty to choose from in Gold Coast. An apartment with a single bedroom can be rented and also one that has numerous bedrooms. Even if a family has many children, they will each have their own room.

West Ridge

People from various religions and backgrounds live in West Ridge. As well as followers of Judaism, people from Southeast Asia also reside in West Ridge – Indian and Pakistani citizens even live in this neighborhood. With a thriving community, the apartments in West Ridge are highly sought after, especially when one is rented that is near the many restaurants and other amenities that are in this neighborhood. As many of the properties in West Ridge are decades old, a stunning apartment can be rented.


Boystown is a popular neighborhood with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. There are many areas of nightlife in this neighborhood which do become very busy at the weekend. Boystown is home to many creative industries. When wanting to find employment as a writer or an actor, there are many opportunities to do so by renting an apartment in this neighborhood.

Lincoln Park

With plenty of historic churches and other buildings, Lincoln Park has many apartments and commercial properties. Various cultural attractions are in Lincoln Park, such as museums and art galleries. A park of the same name is in this neighborhood which is popular with families and those who want to relax. The Chicago apartments in this particular neighborhood are popular with people of all ages because there are many opportunities to have fun.

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