Tips for designing a small bathroom


Are you faced with the dilemma of small bathroom remodeling? No doubt you will want your bathroom to look stylish whilst making the best use of available space. The good news is there are lots of things that you can do to maximise the space you have to create the perfect bathroom, and if you hire professionals, like those at, you’ll have an experienced expert to bounce ideas off of in order to come up with the best concept possible. A great way to start, to be sure.

Plan your bathroom layout carefully

It is best to take time to plan your bathroom layout in order to fully maximise the full potential of a small bathroom. At this stage it is a good idea to involve a professional bathroom planning service, such as Bathrooms Southampton to help you get the design right. When planning the layout, it makes sense to take each element of your bathroom and think about how it can fit to make the best possible use of space and not take up more room than it needs to, for example; to save space you could opt for a shower bath or a smaller but deeper bath; a marine toilet or sink; a newer bathroom suite which tend to have small toilets and sinks or consider purchasing custom built furniture made to fit your bathroom.

Consider wall hung or corner bathroom suites and fittings

A great space saving tip is to consider wall hung or corner bathroom suites and fittings. A wall hung toilet or sink attaches directly to the wall of the bathroom with all pipe work hidden; these can make the design of the bathroom much cleaner and more modern as they don’t take up any floor space. A corner toilet, sink or bath is designed to fit into a bathroom corner and can help when space is limited. Both wall hung and corner bathroom suites and fittings take up much less space than traditional floor mounted designs. They also help to open up the floor space which makes the bathroom seem more spacious and gives the opportunity for additional storage space.

Opt for a compact bathroom suite

These bathroom suites include compact toilets, sinks and shower baths with excellent shower doors which are designed to fit into very small spaces.

Maximise storage space

In a small bathroom it can be difficult to know where to build in storage space. When space is limited it is a good idea to make full use of space by opting for wall mounted units on one wall; however, remember that too many cupboards will make the bathroom feel smaller. Another idea is to make the most of a room’s height by choosing a tall storage unit.

Think about the bathroom’s design

Look for decorative bathroom furniture at your local homeware store Australia to add a feeling of space to a bathroom. Ideas include using mirrored finishes such as white gloss bathroom furniture and reflective tiles. These help to reflect light to make the room appear bigger, so if you want some tile in your bathroom then contact some professionals for a quick shower doors and tile installation. Other tips include placing a large mirror on one wall and painting the walls in a light and fresh colour.

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