Tips on Buying a New Headboard

Whether you are decorating a new bedroom or redecorating an existing bedroom, there are all kinds of things to think about from what size you want your bed to be through to what style of headboard you want and all of these decisions will make a difference to the way the room functions and how it looks. One of the most important things to make a decision about is what size you want the bed to be and this of course will then effect what size the mattress and the headboard are.




Once you have decided on what size the bed should be, it is then time to find a headboard that will work well with the bed frame that you have chosen. The most popular headboards tend to be nice double headboards or good quality kingsize headboards, as many people go for double or kingsize beds but headboards do come in a variety of sizes, namely:


  • Single
  • Double (two sizes)
  • King
  • Super king
  • Emperor


It is also possible to have your headboard made to measure if your bed is a bespoke bed frame and you can often order a headboard through the same company that you order your bed from.




After you have chosen the size that you need, it is a good idea to start thinking about which design will look good in your bedroom. Headboards can be a plain colour or have a pattern and they can also be made from a number of different fabrics, so there is a lot to think about before choosing which one to buy.


It is often a good idea to request a free fabric sample to help you to make your decision and any good company will be able to provide you with a free fabric sample to help you to find a material that works well with your bedroom.


Below are a few examples of the most popular types of fabric:


  • Chenile
  • House weave
  • Country weave
  • Basket weave
  • Matte leather
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Crushed velvet
  • Tweed
  • Wool
  • Suede
  • Faux suede
  • Faux leather
  • Shimmery velvet


From shiny materials to matte finishes, it is easy to buy a headboard made from a number of different materials to ensure that it works within its surroundings.




The shape of headboards also varies, with some coming in a plain rectangular shape and others boasting a more regal look and this means that it is easy to find a shape that works for everyone. They can have borders or buttons, dots or stripes or be simple and plain and which one you choose will partly depend on the type of bed you have chosen but also on which shape will work well in the room.


If you are finding it tricky to make a decision about which headboard will work well in your bedroom, then you can ask the company selling the headboard for some expert advice.



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