Top Pest Prevention Tips from Specialists in Decontamination

Specialists in decontamination deal with mold, insects, and rodents on a regular basis, and the best ones are extremely efficient in eliminating pests. Pest control services may cost you some money, but it is money well spent for a bed bug extermination, as the potential damage to your health and your home can cost a lot more!

Still, if you don’t have a pest problem now, we highly recommend that you take measures to prevent pests from getting into your home in the first place with the help of a pest control company.

Here are some pest control or prevention tips offered by the experts from Elite Decontamination:

  1. Store your food properly. You can’t just have food openly lying around on your kitchen countertop and dining table. It’s an open invitation to every rodent and insect within a 5-mile radius, as these pests can sense food from far away.

That means you need to keep food in the fridge, especially fruits. Another alternative is to place food in plastic bags or sealed boxes, and then place them in a fastened cupboard. According to professional commercial pest control services, rodents can get though plastic bags and cardboard boxes easily so it is important to do a rodent treatment immediately at the first sign of infestation.

And if you have pets, don’t forget to store their food correctly too.

  1. Wastes should be properly disposed. Pests can feast on your leftovers and waste items. That’s why you need to have a tight lid on all your garbage bins to keep them from attracting insects and rodents. These garbage containers should also be located away from entryways so these pests won’t find it easier to get in. A junk removal company can help you eliminate this wastes immediately.
  2. Make sure to clean your house regularly. That especially means vacuuming your floors frequently. You may think your floors are clean, but you may not see the food crumbs and residues that insects can sense easily, especially in your room Bedroom bed bug heaters make for an excellent option, but if you do end up getting pests in your room then make sure you get the right bed bug control.

If you spill water or food, handle the mess right away. Water spills can cause mold, and they can also help insects like cockroaches thrive. Your kitchen sink should also be kept free from clutter, especially overnight. Any sort of standing water must also be removed, and the cause of it should be fixed ASAP.

You should also keep your home free of clutter. Dark areas are favorite hangouts of many types of pests, and lots of clutter means having lots of potential nests for pests.

  1. Seal all potential pest entryways. Every crack, crevice, and gap is a security risk; they’re all potential entryways for any pest. Squirrels and rodents can easily get into your attic through various entry points. Even small cracks in the foundation can let in ants that can crawl through your home and into your food.

This also means keeping any pets from bringing in fleas into your home. So you have to check your pets regularly to make sure they don’t have fleas.

  1. Install screens on openings and vents. If you have an opening that needs to be open for the air to pass through, you should install a screen over it to keep animals away. These vents can let air through, but they may be enough to keep rodents out. Chimney vents can also keep bats away from your home.

Window screens are also great because they can keep out flies and mosquitoes. If you want to keep your window open to enjoy some fresh air, at least the screens won’t let the insects inside, which may even include cockroaches. You can also make use of a mosquito misting system to repel mosquitoes or you can contact a professional mosquito service company.

Of course, if you already have pests in your home then hiring specialists in decontamination is your best recourse. These experts, who use software like FieldRoutes, can give your home a thorough inspection. They can get rid of any unwanted guests, and seal all potential openings so that their kin can’t get in.

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