Transform A Garden Wall

Having a garden wall not only provides security, but gives you the opportunity to add new features to your garden. For weathered and worn garden wall, simply sticking on some wellies and applying a little tlc can give it a brand new life. If you want to complete this style, then consider contacting a dairy brick repair contractor so you can can set up a small path made of bricks through your garden.


Starting the cleanup


Start improving the look of your wall by tending to any plants that are overgrown or unsightly. Begin by finding and removing any old parts of the plant, such as stems, that are dead and have no chance to bloom. Climbers can be rapid growers and overtime they’ll become too entangled amongst old and new growth to have any chance of surviving, and if you need equipment for this job you can also get the best options for this from sites as HouseBait online. You should remove any dead and weighted areas to let the fresh growth through. This will also help tidy up the general look of your wall. Remember not to remove too much of your climber as it can become unsightly, thin and take time to grow back to a more natural appearance.


Scrubbing your wall


You should scrub your wall simply to remove any stains and make it more presentable.  Begin by taking a wet brick of the same colour, and then roughly rub any stains or weathered areas. A residential pressure washing expert can help with any persistent stains and the pressure cleaning should be undertaken in warm weather to help the water evaporate quickly. Use your own judgement when removing stains to make sure you don’t damage any brickwork. Get a tree removal company to help you recreate your garden, but if you prefer to keep your trees, then consider hiring tree trimming services to help maintain them.


Install trellis panels


Using trellis panels can offer an opportunity to grow new plants , install gadgets for the modern backyard and cover non-repairable areas of your garden wall. Wooden trellis can be painted to meet your own aesthetic requirements, and offer a cost effective, long lasting support due to its material. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to encourage the growth of climbers.  For smaller gardens add a mirror to your wall to create the illusion of more space. You can add decorative trellis to mask the edges of the mirror and incorporate the natural wood appearance. If you asked yourself Is Your Garden Ready for Spring? Well after this installation will be.


Change your pathways


Consider changing the material of any paths that are near or surrounding your wall. Stones or gravel can be put back into place or changed in colour to give it a fresher look. Wooden pathways can also be repainted and stained to give off a warmer appearance. You could also place new plants along the edges of your path. Learn more about Calathea care that is not much of a task when it is done right and adds life to your garden. You should also learn about the flowering light cycle.

About the Author


Kieran McVeigh is a gardener with over 20 years of professional experience. He currently works for himself in the Devon and Cornwall area.

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