Types of Charitable Donations to Goodwill


Goodwill has earned support from more than 83 million individuals throughout the United States and Canada. Donating is simple and it only takes a few minutes of your time. All you have to do is drop your used items at the center near you. Regardless of what it is that you want to donate, Goodwill can help you find a new home for it. From computers to vehicles, clothing and more, you can drop your items off locally.

Donations How do I donate a vehicle?

Many of the Goodwill locations are willing to take your vehicle for you. Goodwill organizations will use the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle to fund job training, community based programs for those suffering from disabilities, lack of experience or education, employment assistance services and help for those facing employment challenges.

Taxpayers can deduct the proceeds that the nonprofit gets from the vehicle sale. You will receive a written acknowledgement that includes the vehicle sale price.

What do I do to donate electronics?

Businesses and individuals are encouraged to donate their used and new computers. Unwanted electronics can be recycled responsibly without costing the public anything. Thanks to partnerships with major computer companies, like Dell, more than 200 million pounds of electronics have been collected to date. Check out skip bin hire in Ipswich if you’re going to be throwing out and recycling a huge amount of your belongings.

No matter what condition or brand, take your unwanted electronics, to a participating store or donation drop-off site. The items will be refurbished, reused or recycled, which benefits the community and allows people to work. In the seventh year of the program, the operation is expanding and allowing more individuals to keep their electronic waste from heading into the landfills. More than 2,600 locations participate in the program, which means more than 70 percent of all locations are available to take your donation.

To make the donation process as smooth and seamless as possible, as well as to protect your privacy and ensure you aren’t the victim of identity theft, you need to remove all of your personal information from the hard drive before you donate the computer. Make sure to leave the operating system in place.

When you make the decision to donate here, you are doing your part to give back to the community. You will get all of the paperwork you need to claim your charitable deduction on your income tax return. Donating your vehicle, electronics and clothing has never been as easy as it is today. Not only does it allow you to clean out your closets, garage and storage sheds, but it allows others to have a place to work and clean items that they can use to help them from one day to the next.



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