Useful Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Over the years, your kitchen can start to look tired and dull and in much need of a refreshing facelift. Some are fortunate enough to be able to invest in a whole new kitchen or start a kitchen remodeling project. However, not everyone can spend a lot of money and dispose of some perfectly good features that simply need a little TLC to bring them back to life. It’s amazing just how much of an impact small changes can have on your overall décor, and expert kitchen remodelers can really transform your current space and add the additional character it currently lacks. Consider also getting new appliances from trusted sellers such as the bromic commercial fridges australia store.

Wide, Open Areas

Kitchens require plenty of space, especially if you’re living with more than one person. For those who had an island or a centre feature in their kitchens, you’ll require additional space even more so than those with cabinetry running around the outskirts of the room. Space is the key to making your kitchen look and feel larger, open and fresh, which is exactly what you want to achieve. The walkway areas in your kitchen should ideally be between 36 and 40 inches, and your cooking areas should have a minimum of 44cm to ensure you have plenty of room to move around and get your cooking done. Focus on introducing some walkway areas to your kitchen, to help you get the most out of your kitchen and create an open space for you and your family to enjoy. Since most types of floors simply aren’t tough enough to take the high amount of wear they’ll meet with in the kitchen, the only two options left for keeping the floor in good condition are to either replace the flooring often, or use an epoxy concrete floor coating see Epoxy Pro.

Utilise the Corners

There is nothing more frustrating than corners of the kitchen that aren’t being used. Whilst you may have cupboard space available, it may be a challenge to get certain items to fit into the space and this can cause many people to give up and alienate that area completely. It’s time to utilise the space you have available to you in the corners of your cabinets and install some functional systems that will help you to do so. There are so many unique kitchen cabinet designs that enable you to pull open the door and have fitted draws that open with the cupboard, before folding back into the space you initially couldn’t get too. This type of feature will really help you to use every bit of space you have that’s available and give every area of your kitchen a useful part to play.

Refresh the Paint

Whether you have direct sunlight shining through for the majority of the day, or the heat from the lighting is shining onto your cabinets all night, it will have an effect on the overall look of your kitchen. Light, whether it’s natural or artificial, really effects paintwork and can cause it to become dark and dull without you realizing it’s doing so. This is a natural process that isn’t really controllable, however, you can keep on top of your paintwork by hiring a painting contractor to give it a fresh lick of paint every 4-6 months. By doing this you are instantly brightening up the area and you’ll notice a huge difference in your kitchens overall look. Try this service from Infinity Painting that can really help to make your kitchen feel brighter, as well as giving it a newly finished look. You could even be adventurous and change the colour slightly, to really make the room feel brand new and stand out.

Handles and Hardware

You don’t really notice when a door handle is beginning to look worn or dull, it’s often something that can be overlooked for a very long time. Similarly, you may find that the current handles on your kitchen units are starting to look dated and in need of something new. By introducing some new handles to your cabinets and doors, you will instantly notice a difference and your whole kitchen will stand out again. Hardware is the accessory that your kitchen requires to look that little bit smarter and trendier, just like a beautiful piece of jewellery., so it’s important to put some time and effort into ensuring you choose the right hardware style for your kitchen!

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