What should Real Estate Agents know about Homeowners Insurance?

It’s a known fact that both realtors and home insurance agents have a mutual relationship where both parties can gain benefits. After all, a house is a necessity, and home insurance is a safety precaution for buyers. Thus, it’s important that you know everything important about insurance providers like Bear River Home Insurance. As the best realtor, it’s your responsibility to provide the necessary information that your client needs, and this includes details on how and what kind of insurance services they’ll need for their home. To create a great relationship with the insurance provider and your clients, here’s what every realtor should do:


  • Get an Independent Insurance Provider that you Personally Trust

Since both real estate agents and insurance providers are working hand in hand, it’s easier for you to find an insurance provider that you can trust. The same holds true for those looking for insurance for condo associations as well. In all of these cases the same rule of thumb applies: if you have a tight relationship with one provider then by all means, make a partnership with them.

It’s understandable if you’d want to explore on other options, but the key is consistency. If you trust the home insurance provider, then you should collaborate with them all the time. You’re not only establishing a good relationship with your client, but you’re also strengthening your bond with your insurance provider.


  • Study the Location of the Property Thoroughly

Studying the basics like the ones that you can get on the alabama real estate license course is important. This includes knowing the location of the property thoroughly. For instance, if the area is a flood zone, you’ll need to let your client get a flood insurance. If the area is prone to sinkholes, you’ll also have to get an insurance that covers such damages.


  • Know the Claim History of the Property

Certain claim histories will have an impact when buying a property. If a client has several claim histories under his name, getting a homeowner’s insurance might be difficult. However, there are a lot ofless traditional providers that will allow you to get an insurance despite the claims, but it’s possible that you’ll pay more, so always ask and stick to your client’s approval.


  • Find Out about Existing Insurances

Some insurance companies will give discounts the moment you provide details of your client’s homeowner’s insurance policy. Thus, it’s essential that you ask your clients what insurances they’re planning to get in the future.


Most of the time, you can get a discount on car insurances. However, there are other types of insurances that give discounts as well. As a realtor, it’s your job to find out what are these insurances that your clients can benefit from. This is the reason why partnering with a homeowner’s insurance agent that you trust is advantageous because both of you can work together as a team. In this way, you’ll get what’s best for your client.


The key to successfully making a relationship with clients is that you let them feel that you are taking care of them, just the way the team at https://thebuyguys.com/locations/florida/tampa/ does. You can do this by doing your part as a researcher. One way of doing this is by applying the guidelines above. It’s surely one effective way to make a fruitful transaction in the future.

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