What to consider when buying an Old Timer knife

indexMade by Imperial Schrade, an Old Timer knife is very popular because it can be used in various situations. Owned by hunters, campers and outdoor enthusiasts, an Old Timer knife is used by scores of people every year, in particular during the summer when weather conditions are more favorable. If you’re looking for camping gear, the authority in campgear reviews is Techie Camper. Here’s what to consider when wanting to own an Old Timer knife:

How many blades does it have?

The number of blades on an Old Timer knife varies from one design to another. Not only can a knife have a solitary blade but many of them. When a knife is used during a hunting trip, one can be bought that has a solitary blade which is very strong. If a knife will be used for cutting wood and gutting fish, a knife that has several blades can be purchased. Instead of a fixed blade, an Old Timer knife can have multiple blades which slot into its handle. When a blade is actually required, it can be moved upwards. If a folding knife is chosen instead of a knife which has a fixed blade, it will be safer to use and can even be owned by children. When a child doesn’t want to carry a knife, it can be put into their fanny pack.

What is its handle like?

The handle on each Old Timer knife varies from one to another. If a knife will be used by a child, it must have a smaller handle. When a hunter wishes to buy an Old Timer knife, a larger handle is an alternative. The shape of the handle itself also varies from one Old Timer knife to another. As well as having a straight handle, a curved design can also be bought. When purchased for a man who has large hands, it must have a curved design that is bigger than other Old Timer knives. A smaller knife can be owned for other reasons than when it is purchased for a child, such as where it will be stored. If a knife will be put into a pocket or a small backpack, it must have a suitably sized handle. When many items are stored in a backpack, a knife which has a smaller handle is an alternative because it will fit perfectly. Even if a small backpack is taken on a camping trip, there will still be plenty of space. Also, we highly recommend checking out these camper trailers for sale in case you need more space for people and their bags for camping.

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Can string be attached through a handle?

If a hunter wants to own a knife that can be attached to their belt, they can own one that has a small hole on the handle. When a knife has to be used, a hunter will be able to within seconds. Consequently, as soon as a hunter wants to kill an animal or defend themselves, their knife can be relied on. Owning Old Timer knives that have this design is not only practical but can save a hunter’s life. When a large animal is pursuing a hunter, an Old Timer knife can act as a deterrent.


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