What to Do When Your Contractor Spills Paint on Your New Carpet – Contractors Gone Wrong

When you hire a contractor, you do so in order for your renovation project to go smoothly and in a professional manner so remember that a contractor will need a surety bond before starting any jobs, find out more here. The idea is that the contractor has the skills, knowledge, experience, and equipment that you just don’t have, which is what will ensure the project turns out great. So, what happens when your contractor lets you down? Contractor disaster stories are unfortunately nothing new, and they may actually happen more often than you thought. Despite all your research looking for that ‘perfect contractor’, things can still go wrong, so always have a carpet cleaning service you can rely on to get new carpeting.

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So, if you have unfortunately ended up with paint spills and splatters on your brand-new carpet , here’s a look at what you can do.

First Things First – Speak to the Contractor

Before you find yourself getting too upset and panicked, the first thing you will want to do is speak to the contractor and explain the issue. If the job is still on-going, then this shouldn’t be as difficult to do since the contractor will probably be there anyway. Now if the job is done, and you’ve paid for everything, things can be a bit trickier. This is why you want to be sure you do a thorough inspection with the contractor before final payment is made. One of the benefits of hiring Professional Painting services is that they carry products to get those stains remove since is part of their job to make sure all is neat.

Take Photographs of Any and All Damage

Regardless of whether the contractor is still there or has moved on to the next project, it’s also wise to take photographs of any and all paint spills on the carpet. You can then keep these in a file just in case you need them for insurance purposes. Most homeowners’ insurance won’t likely cover something like paint damage to flooring as this is really up to the contractor.

Cleaning Up the Spills

Now, as for how the paint can be cleaned off the carpet, the process will be determined by whether the paint is latex or water-based,if the paint does not want to come off try talking to some carpet stores to see if they have any carpet with a shade similar to what has been ruined. I recommend you view here more information about pain.

For latex paint, you want to remove as much as possible when it’s actually wet. However, there’s a good chance you’ve probably already passed this point. Next, you can mix up a solution of one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and one of lukewarm water. When picking the detergent, go for a mild one. You then want to start blotting the spill working from the outside to the inside of the soiled area. Once it has completely dried, you can vacuum the carpet.

If the paint is a water-based variety, then again you want to try to catch it when it’s wet, but if not, you can still have it removed by a Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas service. For dry paint, you can use hot water this time and a mild dish detergent. Spread it over the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. You can then use a blunt knife to scrape up the paint once it has softened. It may be necessary to add more of the solution in the process. A handheld steamer can also help to soften it up.

Try to Stay Positive

Dealing with a bad contractor is both stressful and frustrating. Be aware if your plumbers insurance covers your situation. Clearly you don’t want to be dealing with property damage, but unfortunately it is a reality for some.

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