Why You Should Choose a Fitted Bedroom

Are you making the most of your available space? If we have small bedrooms or irregular shapes that we do not know how to furnish, the best option is to go for a custom-made bedroom. Bedrooms which are custom designed and manufactured by custom home builders will best suit our needs, and the space available. In addition, ordering custom-made bedrooms (or fitted bedrooms) are more affordable than ever nowadays. In many cases, regular or standard furniture can be adapted to fit irregular bedrooms, so it is not an extremely expensive option, as some might think.


One of the problems many homeowners face is how to deal with making the most out of small spaces. Here are just a few ideas to maximise the space in your home.


Attic bedrooms

If your house has an attic or loft, the best way to furnish an attic bedroom is with minimal furniture to have more free space. In addition, the furniture must be low to adapt to the height of the ceiling and help make the room seem more spacious. The bed should be placed in the highest area so that it is not claustrophobic and if you put a desk try to find a space which offers ​​more natural light.


If you do not have a loft, but the roof of your house is very tall, you can build a bedroom in the shingle roof installation space in a very simple way. For example, for a bedroom that will accommodate two children sleeping, you can build a partition wall so that even if the children are in the same room each one will have their own space, which is necessary especially if they are teenagers.

The important thing with loft bedrooms is that you choose a comfortable and safe staircase or access ladder. Once the bed is installed, it should be as low as possible, and a good mattress on the floor or a Japanese bed frame that is very low can even be used. In the lower part of the space, you can put a low cupboard and make a small area with a bedside table as a place to read, listen to music, or even have a satellite dish installed, visit this website for a wide range of bedside tables from Auspoints. If you like watching tv, as suggested by TV Aerials Preston.


Small bedrooms

If the bedrooms in your house are small, to get the most out of them and avoid them feeling cramped it is best to use minimal multipurpose furniture get comfortable cheap tv beds to save extra space. For example, a trundle bed will provide extra space for possibly a sofa, or a chest in which to store things, Corner sofas like the ones here can save space in a room. In addition, if the nest bed is integrated into a bench or a compact piece of furniture, you will have most of the furniture attached to a single wall, which will give a more spacious feel, if you are considering all of this, then you can should also consider getting blankets from Bamboodetective.


As for the colours, if the bedrooms are small it is better to choose light colours and even white because they will help make the room look bigger. It is also important in small bedrooms that you always keep things in order and therefore shelves will come in very handy to organise books and other items.



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