Why you should rent 1 BHK flat in Mumbai

If you are planning to rent an apartment with your wife in Mumbai, a 1 BHK flat would be enough for you. This type of apartment is popular for single renters and such apartment offers its own advantages to those who have a small family without kid. People who want to live with their room mates until they don’t get space in college hostels also prefer renting 1 BHK apartment in Mumbai. 1 BHK apartment will have a kitchen, bathroom, living area and a balcony. You will get all the comfort of a home staying in such small apartments. In Mumbai there are various types of 1 BHK apartments available with an array of extra facilities. So choosing one to live in the metro, you must be considering certain things in your mind. Compare to real estate Kolkata you can find it easy to find flats in Mumbai.

Vital features of 1 BHK apartment

1 BHK apartment remains a popular choice among people who are not planning to stay within the city for a longer period of time. They might be alone or people would be sharing the room with one more roommate. Professionals who get transferred to a city as a part of their job and not interested shifting their families mainly opt for 1 BHK apartments. You will find many NRI’s making investment in 1 BHK flat in their home town, so that they can in their own home during vacations. A single apartment may also feature a fireplace, a balcony and a yard and storage spaces. The extra features may vary from apartment to apartment. A single bedroom apartment will have a separate space in bedroom area, living room area and the kitchen area. Such apartment is larger in size and remains different from studio apartment. Such apartments will have high rent rate and you will be required to pay the maintenance charges also.

Tips to choose a single room apartment

There are certain things to be kept in mind before renting a single bedroom apartment in Mumbai.

The price – The rent for a single bedroom apartment would be less than a flat having more than 2 bedrooms. Such apartments are going to be less expensive and the rent for such apartment will depend on the location you prefer to stay. If you consider using extra space and amenities, you may be required to pay extra money other than the rent. If rent is your priority, then single bedroom apartment will be a good choice for those living in metros.

Size of room – you may find many single room apartment in big cities with small and big sized bedroom and other areas. Based on the size of the bedroom and other facilities, the rent may vary. You must check the size of the room, before you choose a single room apartment. If you are planning to share the apartment with one more person, then you must consider taking a big size bedroom apartment with furnishings and must have separate living space.

Storage space – you must check whether the single room apartment has enough storage space or not. It is not possible to keep all your things on the floor itself, as there would be no space for you to move inside the flat. So you must choose an apartment with bedrooms having wardrobe and kitchens, having cabinets to store your utensils. If you have lots of things to store, then probably you must avoid taking the single room apartment.

Social gathering – If you are a person interested in social gathering, and then you must choose a single bedroom apartment that has enough separate and living space which will allow you to party with your friends. 

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