Choose FiOS TV Than Cable

Why Choose Cable 

Remember when your only choice was to get cable television? If you didn’t have cable, then you had to get an antenna or rabbit ears, just so you could get a few channels on your television. Things have changed tremendously over the years, and now many people have HDTV’s and have gotten rid of TVs that need antennas, but don’t worry if you already have your cable tv services, new HDTV’s have no problem working with cable providers. Have limited space? An ultra short throw projector sits only a few inches from the wall

Another thing that’s changed is the fact that people are making the switch and leaving cable behind by going to Verizon FiOS for their entertainment needs. Not only does Verizon FiOS offer TV but they also offer Internet service as well as digital home phone service.

Whether you choose only to get television service from Verizon FiOS or all three of their services, you’ll still love the television service and the entertainment choices it provides. To learn about other gadgets and accessories you can attach to your entertainment system, learn more about Connected Solutions Group.

What Verizon FiOS Offers

Everyone is crazy about high definition, and that’s the reason why many have gone out to buy HDTVs. The TVs are only getting better with clearer picture quality, and those with a great HDTV and 4K TV want to see what they paid for when they watch a movie or a TV show.

Verizon FiOS has picture quality that is so crystal clear that it gives perfect 1080i picture quality, which is one of the best picture qualities available today. Not only will the pictures be clear and beautiful but it’s not even necessary to have HD channels via Verizon FiOS to get a great picture.

There are many channels that Verizon FiOS offers, and with the hundreds of channels that are available, you’ll never have to wonder if there’s something on TV, you’ll just have a hard time deciding what you want to watch.

From TV shows to movies to music, Verizon FiOS has it all. Even if you have to go on the road, you can still take your movies with you in the form of an application that allows you to stream movies and shows directly to your portable device. Multiroom DVR’s are also offered, just in case you want to record several shows at once in different rooms. You can also check out Likewise and similar sites for a list of shows to watch.

Get Started Right Away

If you’re ready to make the switch from cable TV, then it’s time to get Verizon TV. Making the switch is fairly simple, and all you need to do is visit the website to get started.

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