Most Common Types of Storm Damage to Property

There are hundreds of storms each year in the US. Most are not upgraded to ‘named storms’, but nevertheless, they still cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage. There have been 218 serious weather disasters since 1980, which have cost the American economy in excess of $1.2 trillion. If your house was unfortunately damaged by a storm, then consider getting a commercial inspections to see what kind of damage occurred and to see if you need to get help from Hurricane Shutter Repair Services so you can get everything ready to install new hurricane windows. Make sure to always have a backup generator from AlltimePower in case the power goes out. You can also use A-Lumination Electric to improve your Home GeneratorIf your house was severely damaged by a natural disaster, then consider intermodal shelter systems after getting your home repaired by commercial restoration services.

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For any property owner, storm damage can range from inconvenient to catastrophic. A few missing shingles or hail damage to a roof is not great, but if you hire a contractor to do some remedial work, your roof will soon receive repairs by professional commercial roof replacement in Clinton Twp so it can look as good as new again. However, if you aren’t sure if your roofing is damaged, then consider contacting a residential roofing contractor or a
commercial roofing contractor
 for an inspection and a roofing repair job. However, there are other types of storm damage that can cause far more problems that may result in you needing a
shingle roof installation or new roof with the help of roof replacement service. Just make sure to contact Storm Damage Roofing Repair services so that they can conduct residential roof repairs or commercial roofing repairs immediately.

According to these Storm Restoration Specialists, here are the main categories of storm damage you should be aware of.


Wind is the first thing we think of when a bad storm is brewing. Hurricanes and tornadoes are common in some states of the US, so many homeowners are familiar with the damage caused by 100 mph winds and the repairs that come afterwards including roof repair. Find a reliable roofing contractor to be assured of the quality of their work. This is one of the Warning Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced. Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma caused devastation across the US Gulf Coast and the Caribbean. In fact, it has been the worst year for hurricanes since 1893!


Bad storms and heavy rainfall usually go hand in hand. When a hurricane hits a coastal region, powerful winds cause a storm surge, which often floods homes near the ocean causing homeowners to need an In Home Water Purification System to make sure that they are always getting clean water. Heavy rainfall can cause river levels to rise too. Then, there is the issue of significant rainfall runoff, which can turn a dry culvert into a torrent of water. Make sure you have a water damage drying company you can turn to in case your home gets flooded. Choosing the right restoration company is key!

If you live near a large body of water, flooding is a risk, even if your home has never flooded before. Make sure to get a flood insurance to protect you in the event of damage. It’s better to prepare your home for that possibility and keep the contact details of a flood cleaning company ready in case you’ll need their services after the storm. You can check your pipes via Test Plugs to perform a low pressure test on your pipelines. It may also be time to replace sump pump in your basement. There is a limit to what you can do to prevent flood damage to a home, so it pays to have a comprehensive home insurance policy in place that does not preclude flooding. If there is a risk of flooding, pile up sandbags around doors, move as much furniture and valuables to upper levels as you can, and lift carpets and rugs. When the storm is over, have a water damage restoration company come and assess the damages. If you’ve been the victim of a flood and you want the compensation you deserve for the damages, a public insurance adjuster like LMR Public Adjusters can help you get it.


According to a residential electrical services you might not associate fires with a storm, but if lightning hits your home during an electrical storm, it could start a fire, having a good electrical design can be handy. Contact this Yucca Valley electrician for guidance on setting up your improved electrical design. There is also a risk of fire if a tree brings down an electricity line. If a fire doesn’t start, then the power will most likely go out, so if you want to be prepared consider getting a steam generator or ever a Generac Whole Home Generator.  Whether you’re seeking a portable generator for your home, for your business, or for recreational activities, portable generators from are flexible and easy to transfer as needed. 

It is wise to disconnect all appliances during an electrical storm. If it’s been very dry of late, watch out for fires caused by lightning strikes and take appropriate action if you spot any fires nearby and get a fire inspection so you are sure your home is safe for you and your family. At you will find  a comprehensive service which includes repairs, reconditioned units and the supply of new units where required. If you need help with your electrical fixtures, this emergency electrical service can help you.

We can’t prevent storms, but we can mitigate their effects. Hopefully, you won’t have to make a claim, but if a bad storm hits and your home is razed to the ground, at least you won’t be homeless for the foreseeable future. Also, make sure that you have an emergency kit available that includes all essentials such as 120 serving emergency breakfast food supply.

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