Roses on Valentine’s Day: But Why?

Around the globe, there are many who believe that roses are the truest symbol of love and romance. For centuries, this has been the flower of choice on Valentine’s Day. Whether it be a single, long-stemmed red rose or a full bouquet of lush pinks, no one can resist the charm of such a delicate, classy flower. Roses are the perfect choice on Valentine’s Day for many reasons; not least of which is the fact that these sophisticated blooms come in a variety of different colors If you are looking for options about what to give your loved ones for valentines day, you should check this Valentines cookie delivery.


There are many legends surrounding the tradition of flower giving on Valentine’s Day, the most poignant of which surround the world’s most dedicated romantic: St Valentine. During the 3rd Century, Emperor Claudius II of Rome banned marriage as he believed it to be an unnecessary distraction for his soldiers. Valentine, a catholic priest, was said to be so devoted to the notion of true love and romance that he secretly married Christian couples in a city where paganism was the only accepted religion. The catholic priest was executed on February 14. His final act was to write a love-letter to the jailor’s daughter and to bestow upon her a single rose as a symbol of his affection.


It comes as no surprise that the St. Valentines’ final act lives on to this day. Although there are a few different legends associated with the Catholic priest, one aspect of the story remains the same. His final letter was signed, “From your Valentine” and was coupled with a single, sweet-smelling rose. Not even the most hardened cynic can deny that this story is proof of true love. Giving roses as a gift on Valentine’s Day is most certainly a loving act.


While deep, ruby coloured roses are the most obvious choice on Valentine’s Day, there are other colours which may be better suited. Not every relationship is the same, and romantic relationships are not necessarily the only ones worth celebrating. Red roses are representative of romance, passion and desire while yellow roses are said to be symbolic of happiness and friendship. Peach is said to convey sincerity, deep pink resonates with emotions of appreciation, pale pink symbolises admiration, white is a classic representation of purity and sincerity, and purple represents the budding emotion of love at first sight. It may be a good idea to choose one single colour or to combine a few roses that really get the meaning across.


Presentation is key when choosing a bouquet of roses. A classic lady might prefer a few long-stemmed roses presented in a simple box while a slightly more edgy woman would prefer some daring colours in a designer vase. This is a wonderful chance to get creative and put a spin on the tradition of gifting roses on Valentine’s Day. Shopping online for roses is generally the best way to go about it, as this provides the shopper with some insight into the trends of the season. A website like is the perfect choice for Valentine’s shoppers.


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